By licensed_ginger - 08/01/2015 18:44 - United States - Barberton

Today, my boyfriend told me he didn't feel attractive. I tried to cheer him up by telling him that I find him very attractive, and so do my friends. He said that didn't matter, because my friends and I aren't attractive either. FML
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And that's when you stop trying to help

Well maybe people SHOULD find him unattractive if he's that much of an ass.


And that's when you stop trying to help

Sounds like your boyfriend needs a **** in his mouth

soja_fml 18

Hey guys have their emotional days too... Cut him some slack I'm sure he didn't mean it.

sweetnsourrr 11

Yeah, but thats no excuse to be an ass.

It doesn't ******* matter. Under no circumstances are you ever allowed to say something like that to your girlfriend. I would never ever dream of saying something like that, no matter how depressed I am.

I agree with 40. I've NEVER said something negative about any of my past boyfriends looks.

So girls are allowed to say we look terrible sometimes, but the second a guy says the same thing, its a sexist slur. Look at the double standards on action kids. I agree with #2. guys can have serious emotional baggage, more so than females because we just don't talk about it

45, please don't turn this into a sexist thing. If a girl said this to her boyfriend then everyone would be just as upset with her. It's not ok to put someone down and insult them no matter who you are guy or girl. The FML community doesn't like it when a significant other treats the person their in a relationship with like crap no matter what the sex.

Noheartbeat 19

Wtf? If a girl says anything negative and rude like that of course it's not right. Who the hell said it was?

soja_fml 18

I wasn't saying it was ok for him to say it. I mean, we all have days were we say things out of anger or sadness.... And because we are all emotional. I'm just saying to not turn this thing into a huge argument. Tell him it it upset you but don't turn it into a huge thing.

Well maybe people SHOULD find him unattractive if he's that much of an ass.

A guy can be a perfect 10 but if he has an ugly personality, his attractiveness decreases tenfold.

Sometimes I purposefully have a bad personality to get rid of overly attached boyfriends

You don't have to be attractive to find other people attractive...and he's a jerk for calling you and your friends unattractive, especially if he's your boyfriend.

He's just man-strating. Buy him some Tampax Pearl and he'll be okay.

Well you should tell him time for a new "attractive" girlfriend

daydreamer244 13

Looks aren't everything anyways. It's what inside that counts. :)

No, not everything but they do play a part.

Geezzz!! Talking about serious low self-esteem than he can even bring down others!!