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Today, I posted a status on Facebook saying I was depressed and needed someone to talk to. Someone commented on it saying "Just kill yourself". It got 20 likes. FML
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Thank you guys for all the advice/comments. I think it was just a bunch of dumb idiots from my school just messing around, but nonetheless, I took it seriously. Again thanks.

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yeah people say kill yourself way to much"you don't watch jersi shore?go kill yourself,you don't know how to spell jersey?kill like lil Wayne?kill yourself"telling someone to kill himself dosnt have much impact nowdays it's used frequently

actually it should be the other way around you watch jersey shore " KILL YOUR SELF. , wait hold on I'll go get you a gun , WAIT better yet I'll do it for you "

WIN^^!!! I hate Jersey Shore!!! Anyways, OP, don't take it to heart. Kids can be cruel, and the phrase killing yourself has lost a lot of sincerity...

all these fml nerds hatin on jersey shore so cute!

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101 jersey shore is funny as he'll, stop trying to act like your all hardcore you little ****.

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Um, 114, I was born, was raised, and currently live in Jersey, and I hate Jersey Shore. Most of the people I know do.

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Nobody likes whiners. Suck it up, nobody cares for your drama, stop being a crybaby and learn to cope with the problems yourself. Maybe, then you'll finally gain respect in your surroundings.

136 You want to know what else is funny? The fact that shitty tv shows always become the most popular.

all of yu Fml nerds put there who r saying u h8 jersey shore r probably a bunch gay homos that have never seen it, ur parents have put parental lock on it and u play world of Warcraft or sumthin all day long so shut up ur not badass -_-

cant7see7me7 3

I'm not saying it's funny as in the show itself but how they take themselves so seriously, like it's watching a show full of douchebags an it's funny cuz of that

136 all they do is hump, fight and have herpes. Like your mom

#136 hate to be nazi police ... but "hell" is not spelled "he'll" that means "he will" and makes no sense at all . and Op , dont worry what those kids say , people these days have no respect for people anymore .

Hmm, I think 114 and 136 just proved the point

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Everyday is way too infrequent. I know people who post statuses like that every freakin' hour or two. -.-

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Same with me, Jonah. What annoys me the most is when people post something and they're the only ones to "like"/comment on it, thinking they're gonna get a bunch of comments/likes.

It's kind of your fault, what did you expect posting that

I'm surprised there wasn't a sentence at the end 'the person was my mum' or something like that. all FMLs like this seem to be by family members

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Yeah OP .. you claim that "someone" commented, which probably means you don't even know them. Stop adding random people you don't even know. Stop adding people that don't even like you for that matter. They're usually not that hard to figure out!

177 OP could have said "someone" just so they didn't have to say the person's actual name. Just because you don't know the name of the person doesn't mean that OP just randomly added them. For that matter this could have been someone who used to be friends with OP and that's why they are also Facebook friends. Stop acting like you know the whole situation from a few sentences.

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ouch, that's cold. and u considered these people friends?

if the op does then they should find new friends

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That status was on failbook, so maybe they were just trollin'.

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...or he was actually relying on friends to talk to him when he needed it. It wasn't necessarily an act of desperation or a cry for superficial attention.

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9, if you want to talk to someone just pick up the phone.

SirEBC 7

50, I deeply cherish your concern and advice. Your compassion truly touches my heart. Thank you so much, but I was actually referring to the OP.

Actually, I think when 50 said "you", he meant generally everybody. When someone's giving advice, "you" is usually meant to refer to anyone whom the advice could apply to.

SirEBC 7

The phrasing of the comment leads me to believe otherwise.

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Agreed, #8. WAY too many people post stuff saying "im depresed" on Facebook. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, go out, go watch T.V., go play on your gaming platform, just DO something to make yourself NOT depressed instead of looking for sympathy from others.

121 - If the person is actually depressed, simply watching tv or going outside will not solve their issue.

Theirselves? Really? You're an asshole. Really.

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Sorry, I wasn't being clear enough. If you are actually diagnosed with depression, yes go see a doctor. But if you are just an attention seeker like the OP was being, then just do something to take your mind off it or go hang out with friends.

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@9, People can't tell sincerity on Facebook statuses, cause the majority of them are over exaggerated, 99% of the people I'm friends with on Facebook are only acquaintances anyways. If the op really wanted someone to talk to she/he should have called or private messaged one of her true friends

"But if you are just an attention seeker like the OP was being..." So, do you personally know OP? How do you know OP was being an attention seeker?

@156: The way the previous people know the OP is an attention seeker? If the FB replies weren't enough, the individual came here to start another self centered conversation. The people that I know who deal with depression (to an extent), are the kind of people who stick to themselves and don't talk about it. This person appears to deal with pseudo-depression, who gets upset when they don't get the attention they need and they seeks it elsewhere (ie not irl? go to FB. not FB? go to FML).

One of my brothers best friends posted a status one day saying goodbye to everyone he loved and actually killed himself. I don't care if it was for attention, it could he completely true. You cant tell online.and anyone who told them to kill themselves obviously has never seen the effects or been affected by suicide.

Except there are people who because of depression, can't see a doctor. They need someone closer to them they can trust. You're not going to do a trust fall with a complete stranger, are you? No, you're going to do it with a friend.

I find it annoying to see posts on Facebook about someone being depressed. Talk to your closest friends, or even get professional help. When you post it on Facebook it seems the person posting the status just wants attention and sympathy. Sorry OP, YDI.

what if someone is do lonely they just want spme1 to talk to and they don't have a "closest friend"? what if the ppl on facebook ate the only ppl tht could be considered friends? then what do they do? sit and be miserable alone?

No, they seek professional help. There are hotlines internationally. There is no such thing as 'no one to talk to'. Someone will always be there to help.

where? every professional I have ever called always has a busy tone, I know where the OP is coming from, I've posted on facebook and got responces similar to this FML, it suck...

Jesus Chetchatter, you have the most depressing picture/outlook on like. Do yourself a favour and turn that frown upside down. Emo.

not emo, depressed, lonely, and desperate :)

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Chetchatter: I find it amusing that you would correct the "so" while leaving all the other mistakes.

well, the other mistakes u can still tell what I mean, do is a different word, therefore it might confuse some people...

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definitely have to agree. way too many people putting stupid shit like "i hate my life" on fb. (and your dog is so pretty!)

I think it's time to do a friend cull on your facebook. Sometimes it's not really worth having 100+ friends of people you barely know who'll treat you like this, regardless as to what the comment was.