By koalaburr - United States - San Francisco
Today, I dressed up sexy to cheer up my boyfriend after a bad day at work. Instead of being cheered up, he accused me of dressing up that way for the male DJs at the radio station where I work. FML
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  pureportedpear  |  27

I am not saying that one have to have such a secret to get jealous, I am just saying that if you do, you tend to react stronger on such trivial things that might imply interest in another person than your partner. No matter how small they might be, maybe even completely unrelated, but you draw the lines to early, to protect your own secret by blaming your partner for interest in another person.

  weatherxveins  |  29

Also, it takes one to know one. If you've cheated, you know the signs of cheating. Not that jealousy is always a sign of the other person having a secret, but sometimes it can be.