By Ugh - 27/02/2013 21:42 - United Kingdom

Today, my 20-year-old daughter staggered into my room at two in the morning, drunker than I ever thought a person could be, screaming for me to make pancakes for her. FML
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MolesterStallone 13

I bet that just scared the crêpe out of you, didn't it?


MolesterStallone 13

I sure hope you did something about it and didn't just get on FML and post about it.

This sounds like an episode of Epic Meal Time.

The first priority for any crazy situation is to post on FML. Only then can you proceed to deal with the problem.

wlddog 14

That way you know you are doing the right thing. Only god knows how we survived long enough as a race, to invent FML websites and learn what we should do when our drunk kid gets home.

mrdinofly 6

Let's get drunk off of pancakes -Epicmealtime

OP at least should be glad her stuff wasn't pissed/thrown up on. I wish my roommate would ask me to make pancakes once in a while...

I'll ask you to make some then 81 because pancakes are NEVER a bad idea.

Jessj958 19

**** the pancakes, you should have beat her ass!! I use the app so I'm not sure where OP is from, and I know the legal drinking age is different in other countries, but if my son came home drunk demanding pancakes when he's 20 years old, he's gonna get his ass beat for sure! Might sound a little harsh but I don't want him doing the same stupid things I did.

MolesterStallone 13

So youre gonna pancake him?;)

There had better be some bacon of the chaotic variety with those pancakes as well.

mpj13 8

You butter not be syrup op. That's terrible!

46- threadjackers are frowned upon in this establishment.

As Abstract of a thought that it may be, bacon itself creates chaos. There's always that last piece that tears families apart. Literally. Like limbs flying everywhere.

Maybe she already has, just still has a key.

If that's the case then George Thurogood should give OP some hints.

How do you pancakes someone? The last sentence is badly worded.

Nope :( Sadly. Neither do dippin' dots. It's a travesty, missing out on such tasty foods!

poodle_juice 17

Well she has her priorities straight.

Who doesn't have time for a good pancake now and then?

footcheezeez 16

*stealthily places 2 drops of Blue food coloring in batter*

footcheezeez 16

Blue waffles?!? My favorite type!

LuckBeNimble 19

what's so great about blue waffles? *Google* oh dear looks like an octopus! make it stop!

Oh my god I googled blue waffle. I feel your pain 70. I can never unsee this

I'm honestly astounded you guys have made it this long on the Internet without having been exposed to the blue waffle.

I am more astounded by the fact that you guys keep on looking up things like that, seriously, you should know better by now!

You MUST look it up, It's simply a rule! All hail the mighty waffle, Of the color azul!

No, I can honestly say I've never drunk screaming at my parents for pancakes.

9- You're an idiot. Don't claim to be sarcastic or "just joking", either. You make no sense.

I'm not being sarcastic or just "joking" obviously you guys need a sense of humor no need to be name calling.

You claim that we need a sense of humor, but you weren't joking. Is it a serious comment that we're supposed to laugh at?

I just realized I left out *been* in my previous comment. I thank all of you who showed grace and thumbed it up anyways lol.