By zks - 24/03/2011 08:53

Today, I received yet more mail for my ex-fiancé. We've been broken up for nearly a year and I've told him multiple times to change his address. Getting his mail is a constant reminder that I haven't dated since. FML
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Stop forwarding it to him, he'll probably change it then.

Two things: 1. Write "return to sender, addressee unknown" on all his mail and send it back. 2. Go to the Post Office and let them know what's going on. They can put a hold on his mail so that it doesn't come to you anymore. I had to do this for the people my husband and I bought our house from because they never did a change of address after the sale. Also, you don't need to date to go out. Call up a friend and say, "let's hang out" and then follow through. Don't cancel no matter how you feel. Unless, of course, you're enjoying the misery and pity, then you're on your own.


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Op, stop whining and go out. You're never going to get a date if you just sit around and mope all day. Or sign up for a dating site or something.

oh well, read his mail, see what he's up to

I say you burn the mail, after you have read it.

Steal his identity and go shopping! Seriously the comment that you should get moving on with your life is a fair comment... Doing nothing will only make you feel worse. : ) Chin up OP.

wait tell him to change his? y don't you change yours?

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bcuz his mail is going to her house moron

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why should she steal his identity, he probably didn't do anything wrong. that's just a bitchy thing to do. op, go out on a date or something and stop bitching.

OP, tell him that if he doesn't change his mailing address, you'll file his mail in miscellaneous drawer, i.e. the shredder. You know what an ultimatum sounds like, right? I mean, one of you had to have made one when you broke up. ...Too soon?

sorry op!! I hope you can get back on your feet!!!

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how is that federal mail fraud ?

You can't change it on someone else's behalf.

Unless they authorize you to. Otherwise, stalkers, etc. could just forward your mail to their addresses.

Stop forwarding it to him, he'll probably change it then.

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Get over it, Theres plenty of ppl to date