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By  LeavenSilva  |  27

She must've been really drunk to not recognize her own daughter, that must've been really hard for you, OP. I hope that she just meant it in a drunk way, and that she doesn't have other secret children that she's been hiding from you

By  Duladian  |  19

There might be a chance that she lost a child before you, or she's just so drunk she doesn't even know who you are. In either case she's to drunk for her own good.

By  MrConcise  |  34

Maybe she meant metaphorically. Or maybe she has that disorder that makes her have trouble recognizing faces.

That's a stretch, she's probably just a drunk moron.

  MrConcise  |  34

Nope, I'm assuming they did a segment on it about the facial recognition disorder? My friend's dad actually has it. My friend and I look so alike that sometimes he confuses us.

By  cailey1234567890  |  24

This one time my mum was drunk and while I was taking her home she was HYSTERICALLY laughing that the car was "smiling at her" because someone has used a window marker and drawn a smiley face on it.

  Miss_Whipped  |  43

One time my mom was drinking when she took her sleeping pills, resulting in her sleepwalking into my room naked a little while later, demanding to use the bathroom.

'Mom, this isn't the bathroom.'