By roselysunset - 29/07/2015 17:07 - United States - Cypress

Today, I came home to find my mom drunk. She asked me for a hug and then started crying, "Where's my daughter?" I'm her daughter. And her only child, as far as I know. FML
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she's had a little too much of mommy juice lol

She was drunk, stop being so insecure and give her a break.


She must've been really drunk to not recognize her own daughter, that must've been really hard for you, OP. I hope that she just meant it in a drunk way, and that she doesn't have other secret children that she's been hiding from you

LOL yeah I highly doubt that. People say & do all kinds of weird things when they're drunk, don't worry.

There might be a chance that she lost a child before you, or she's just so drunk she doesn't even know who you are. In either case she's to drunk for her own good.

Maybe she meant metaphorically. Or maybe she has that disorder that makes her have trouble recognizing faces. That's a stretch, she's probably just a drunk moron.

Nope, I'm assuming they did a segment on it about the facial recognition disorder? My friend's dad actually has it. My friend and I look so alike that sometimes he confuses us.

This one time my mum was drunk and while I was taking her home she was HYSTERICALLY laughing that the car was "smiling at her" because someone has used a window marker and drawn a smiley face on it.

she's had a little too much of mommy juice lol

One time my mom was drinking when she took her sleeping pills, resulting in her sleepwalking into my room naked a little while later, demanding to use the bathroom. 'Mom, this isn't the bathroom.'

I'm sorry, that must have hurt holy shit

Mayb she was getting deep. she might have been asking where the daughter she knows is if she feels like ur growing up fast on her.

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Nothing worse than a drunk parent, well maybe a drunk crying one. Bummer OP.

You could always have a loved one's head cut off... That would be worse

What about a parent with Alzheimer's Disease? I'd say that's worse. Being drunk is only temporary but Alzheimer's is permanent.