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Today, a classmate posted a recording of a recent lecture on my university's Facebook page, so we could listen again and take notes at home. A few minutes in, I heard myself asking a question. I then heard snorting and some girl muttering "dumb cunt" under her breath. FML
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She's probably one of those people that thinks she's so smart. Just ignore the bitch.

What are you thinking op? School isn't for learning or asking questions.

Congrats baby girl you've got haters! You must be doing something right!

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"Congrats baby girl you've got haters! You must be doing something right!" The fact someone could actually believe this strongly enough to post it online makes me sad.

It's the generation. I often see kids/teens cursing at their parents in a store over something petty. I never see them get reprimanded. Every time I see this happen, I think to myself that if I did (while underage) this to my parents, I would've been slapped, grounded, and put in my place. I'm 28 and still don't curse at my parents, elders, or relatives.

I agree with that. The way i see other people of my generation act, really makes me mad sometimes.

Well every generation has their bad seeds, you can't just blame a whole generation for a few assholes. Just like kids disrespect their parents now, I'm sure they did it then too.

Well, looks like it's "let's bash this generation time". EVERY SINGLE generation has it's fair share of assholes, idiots, etc. To take a few idiots and assume that everyone in their generation acts the way they do is an extremely ignorant thing to do.

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I honestly didn't find any 'mistakes' in the post whatsoever.

38- 1. Your comment makes no sense 2. Ur an idiot

You say someone else is an idiot and you use "ur?" Please, explain how that makes any sense at all.

Ikr, you can't go bashing someone and then use "ur"

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77 - Don't worry. I think the thumbs speak for themselves on that one. Some people...

43, I love the smell of irony in the morning.

"America was the communist country during the Cold War right?" (Someone actually asked this question)

Whoops, sorry! I was replying to the thread below this one.

43's comment made perfect sense by the way. She was stating that she had two points. She just didnt put a colon or dash behind the numbers which caused some confusion. I hope this wasnt too confusing. Anyway. That is that.

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You know what they say, some people are just straight up assholes

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What kind of question did you ask yourself!?

I don't recall reading that she asked herself a question. It appears that she was asking the professor a question. Reading is a useful skill. Use it to your advantage.

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Its the one that questions the purpose of the question that can only hope to find out why the question can even be asked. And 25, your comment about yourself is awesome. I now feel the need to get in the van marked "Candy".

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36, I don't recall 25 making a comment about herself.

#44 He is referring to her profiles description.

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No worries my friend. And yes I was referring to her profile comment. I do read them from time to time. Some people are interesting, and I consider it polite to let them know.

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Remember there's no such thing as stupid questions.. Just stupid people.

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Well, I can think of relatively stupid questions...

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No Patrick, horse radish isn't an instrument either.

Whoever is the owner of the white sedan, you left your lights on

I didn't know that 'dumb *****' where what people called students that wanted good grades. People :/

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There's a difference between "Smart person asking a good question" and "Idiot asking a question that should be common sense and is just wasting everyone's time".

The only ones who stay dumb are those that never ask any questions.

I think it's actually just the stache. Instant ingenuity, wisdom, and punny genius. Lose that and he may be in trouble

A quote I read recently: "It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows." -Epictetus With that attitude, I'm guessing she'll find out exactly how much she didn't already know when grades are given.