By Anonymous - 03/03/2014 16:30

Today, my roommate pranked me by putting blue food coloring in the shower head. I have class in 20 minutes and look like a smurf. FML
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That sucks. But it's a great prank. Just prank them back.

You'll have to show'er! Prank her back!


That sucks. But it's a great prank. Just prank them back.

Get him back with another shower prank, such as... Nair in the shampoo?

It seems like a good prank, but I'm calling BS. For that to work you would need to be standing directly under the shower head when you turn on the water... I'm pretty sure most people warm it up first.

Put green dye in your roommates shampoo :D

StillUsesMyspace 22

Put poison in their toothpaste!! Oh wait.... too far?

If OP is going to prank their roommate back, they're going to have to be Brainy!

You'll have to show'er! Prank her back!

61- I don't. I tried being clever with the whole shower, show'er thing. Guess it didn't go over too well.

ThatFancyPenn 18

Since you're already blue, you may as well grow a beard in 20 minutes and wear a hat

iOceanus 18

Did your hair get died orange as well?

Wouldn't it be stated in the FML if he did?

iOceanus 18

I was making a reference to Big Fat Liar...

*dyed. Kind of a big difference between the two words otherwise I wouldn't be so nit-picky :)

iOceanus 18

#34 ...I didn't even notice; I'm so ashamed. Thank you for making that apparent to me.

jazzy_123 20

omg that movie is super old! lol I doubt anyone would have remembered

I remember that movie. In fact, it was the first thing I thought of when I read this FML xD.

this happened to the singer of eiffle 65. he screamed "I'm blue!" and thus a hit song was created

Nyarlothatep 12

Holy Hell, somebody remembers that song, let alone the band?!?