By heartbroken - Australia
Today, I found out that my boyfriend of over a year has been cheating on me the whole time, but that "it's just physical". However, he doesn't want to do anything "physical" with me, except cuddle when we're together. FML
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  tjv3  |  10

Sorry OP what a jerk, loser, and worthless person. I can't stand cheaters! Ditch him and hey I'm single lol;) but for real you will find a much better person than the cheater

By  slooby_fml  |  25

That sucks. He should have found someone he was physically and emotionally attracted to, rather than using two girls to get both things. He sounds like a douche, and you probably deserve better. Good luck OP

  Andriaia  |  13

OP here. I just created an account to reply. That's just the thing... He was physically attracted to me. When we first met he was really into me physically as well as emotionally/ mentally. He wanted me a lot, couldn't keep his hands off me etc. But after a while it seems like he just got kinda bored of me and now it seems like he isn't really interested. We're long distance so we can only see each other once every couple of months, even though we talk every day, usually for more than 12 hours.