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By coinoperatedgirl - 11/01/2010 01:04 - United States

Today, I realized that I will never be able to buy the car I've wanted since middle school. The car? A greyish-silver Volvo, which is the make and color of car Kurt Cobain drove. The reason? I've been informed that it's also the make and color of the car that Edward Cullen drives in Twilight. FML
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Amphysvena 11

or, you could man the **** up and drive the car because you like it, not because someone else did

that's really sad. god I hate "Twilight"


that's really sad. god I hate "Twilight"

join the club -.- and wow OP, that's just really, really sad. FYL.

Twilight is BAD It makes young girls believe males have emotions A complete brainwasher of a film

Wormfood 0

Ugh, agreed. Twilight is possibly one of the ******* worst film-franchise well, this century. Which Volvo was it? I'm quite fond of Volvos, I was going to buy one next month. Fortunately they're only driven by old geezers and benders, so you're not really losing too much in the cool department.

FYL indeed. I would be really disappointed too. That movie is such a terrible influence on girls.

"It makes young girls believe males have emotions" Says the one named "the_pleb".

mileycyrusisgay 0

Imagine having to live in the town it takes place in and have to deal with ALL those idiot fangirls asking if I know any ******* vampires or werewolves every tourist season. like I have to. **** MY life.

ka_33 2

I wonder... were any of the movies actually filmed in that specific city anyway?

wow!!! Twilight and all it's super fanatics can kiss my ASS!!!!!!! I'm so sorry that yet again twilight has ruined someones dream!

skitzoyd 0

He's way more relevant than a retarded sparkly gross vampire

Really? How is this an FML?!? It's a ******* car!! Get over it!!!!!!!!

Hi_Itz_Me 0

I'm sorry but if you love girls and girls love twilight, by default, you love twilight.

Macromartyr 3

Twilight really isn't that bad guys... yeah it's introduced a different side of vamps and wolves to our world, so, BIG DEAL. The books are meant for tweens and that's a majority of the fans. I'm an 18 year old male, yes I've read twilight, and yes I like it. The people who are like "Oh my ******* god twilight has risen the soul of hate within me and I will destroy the world so long as shiny vamps exist" need to calm to down, and stop trying to protect your fragile masculinity. Lol yeah :D.

I know this is really old, but yes, they did film Twilight on location. Well, technically, they filmed in Seattle, not actually in the town of Forks. They did film the beach scenes at that beach in La Push though.

Kurt Cobain lived in Seattle. They just clash over everything.

iBiteRoses 22

Well actually I just hate Twilight because it's poorly written (and I know at least one person wants to say "Let's see you do better" which I probably can) and because the characters are all self-obsessed twats with an unholy obsession for body glitter.

MelissaLove234 7

Mithafuka go suck Edwards penis

Which is worse: Liking Twilight or liking J Biebs?

That is the most idiotic logic I've ever heard.

missd420 16

From what I've heard, the first one was, the rest were filmed in Canada because of the tourist explosion in Washington.

I don't see how OP can be upset, either way its stupid. She's only wanting the car because a famous guy had one. And is upset because a different famous guy had it in a movie. . . either way OP is picking or not picking a car because of someone OP has never even come in contact with. . . regardless of who these people are, OP YDI for being a follower and shallow.

iI actually dislike it do to "sexuallizng" vampires. I prefer old vampires and vampires like from Hellsing. Also this is coming from a teen.

JaydnGage 0

agreed. that movie has ruined so many things.

Am I right in thinking that this has dismayed the OP because it has increased the price of the car?

#94 It's not the case; it's because all the fangirls are in line to buy that car and it's now super hard to get it.

irishfever 0

94, 124 no, it's cause OP would be ashamed to drive what is now known as the edward cullen car it has nothing to do with price or scarcity, and most twilight fan girls are too young to buy a car anyway

Ugh. HATE that movie. the books were alright I guess deffinately not a first read. and the Movie was just indescribably bad.

The books were poorly written as well. The whole thing with sparkly vampires and some depressed girl who shows absolutely no emotion whatsoever was just complete crap

missd420 16

I actually feel bad for Kristen Stewart and all the guff she gets for being a bad actress. If you've seen her in anything else, or read the books, she actually a talented girl, Bella is just a very flat, emotionless character, and Kristen portrayed that appropriately.

Don't get me wrong, I dislike twilight as much as the next person, but if you research the origin of vampires, Theres a Greek or roman (can't remember which it was) myth about Artemis (I think) that got revenge on a man for stealing her bow by giving him a sort of rash or skin disease that gave the appearance of glitter when he was in sunlight as it burned his skin. Now, I'm paraphrasing, because it's been a while, but that's the gist of the reason for glittering vampires

ya true in the books he does... but in the movie for New Moon he drives a different one if that makes you feel any better about it...

Who cares get what you want no ones gonna know or care

That sucks, mate. Twilight has ruined so much.

youjustmademelol 4

But who looks at your car and thinks that. People who see twilight usually don't notice or like cars. Your complaint sounds kinda bitchy

jisaac09 25

@ 1 I 2nd that.... Twilight was not as good as it was made out to be.... And i mean the books and the movies...

Wut? Twilight is made out to be the WORSTTHINGEVEROMGWUT. Honestly; it's not that bad. It's a decent film and a decent book. And #7, vampires don't come from movies you twat. Vampire lore has existed far before Hollywood first took a crack at it.

Honestly Twilight was the biggest waste of 2 hours in my life.

Kylias 6

Not that bad? America made Michael Jackson out to be the devil because he was supposedly a pedophile, but here we have cold proof that there's a 100-year-old lurking around in teenage girls' bedrooms at night and it's suddenly okay? :|

and lets not forget baby loving werewolves

boatkicker 4

The books were alright. The first movie was tolerable. The second movie I only sat through because my little sisters took me to see it was my birthday present and I couldn't walk out. Whatever redeeming qualities the book had, were lost on the movie. To OP: If you want the car, then get it. Anyone who knows specifically what car he drove is one of the obsessive fans, and not a casual reader/watcher. Given the fact that you're that put off by being connected to Cullen, I would guess you'd rather avoid those obsessive fans anyways. I'm sure the standard person doesn't look at every silver Volvo and think "OHMIGODTWILIGHT!" and I can't remember the model actually being in the book anywhere. I believe it was always referred to as 'silver Volvo.'

NotEven 0

@#49 Real life and a fictional movie - not the same thing. Can't believe I just defended Twilight. ugh

meowvanmeow 0

you're right. it was never mentioned as anything but "the silver volvo." So really, there is no proof that cobain even drove the same one. Sure it was a silver volvo, but not the SAME silver volvo as cullen.

Flutist 3

Um, like omg, does that mean Edward my prize, my star, is like totally Kurt Cobain. Oh my silly little blood sucker you tried to hide from me, but I have found you. I have found my eternal button of glittery man love. LMAO. Dude, get the car you want. Twidims are stupid retards. If you wanted that car forever, then get it. Or get it in another color. And don't try to act better than twilight fans. You want the same car as Kurt Cobain. It might not be as obsessive as those fanged wanna-bes but you are doing it for similar reasons.

Nevertheless #16 movies tend to define how things turn out. Like fx James Bond; i hate Daniel Craig's "James Bond" in fact i don't think he has anything to do with the character, nevertheless people who've actually read the James Bond books say that he is much more accurate than the old actors. Same is true with pretty much everything, movies have the liberty of shaping and reshaping lore to fit it's purposes. I hate Twilight though because it's like the classic superman dilemma, She's just taken away all the weaknesses of the character and kept all the strengths. Ohh and a dare one little Twilight moron of a Fan girl reply to my post that "Sunlight is still a weakness for Twilight vampires" Sparkling does NOT impair a person the least, it's just adding to the effect of shock and awe when he rips your throat out and suckles up your bone marrow!

jisaac09 25

@149.... i think the OP is referring to the car in the MOVIE, not the book..... it dont have to be referred to by anything besides the "silver volvo" if you can look at it and see (roughly) the model.....

aereall 0

Have you seen Here's a post: Every day on my way to work there is an Edward Cullen Volvo parked the local Dunkin' Donuts. If it's not there for some reason my good mood for the day is shot. If it is there (which it normally is) I scream, "EDWARDDDDDD!", get all giddy, and daydream while I turn up my New Moon soundtrack. MLIT I pity the people who post on that website and whoever owns this car.

liliumlies 0

I so agree with 16 seriously.People are like yeah that is so not real.Yes of course it's not believable it's vampires.and don't say vampires aren't like that. Different authors differet take.Anne Rice vampires are diff from L.A. Banks vamps and diff from Bram Stoker so on and so forth.Obviously more people like it than hate it.No I'm not a twihard at all.I just don't think they are that bad.

Don't forget this: When Harry Potter came out, they decided to make it good. To be loyal to the book and be a decent, well-written film. In Twilight, however, I saw, like shit being thrown by Shaqeil O'Neil on a football field, that it was just some crap made to make money. First, the story is overrated. IT'S NOT THE BEST BOOK EVER. And second, Rarely, a movie (and this is not the case) is going to be good by ADDING stuff that wasn't in the original book in the first place. So there's another point less for that horrible piece of crap. If you, who are reading this, haven't seen any of the movies, don't torment yourself with that waste of time. You'd rather superglue your asshole shut than watching that shit. IT'S SO BADLY WRITTER I ACTUALLY FELL ASLEEP! 3 TIMES!

endurancefan212 21

Exactly. I've read the first book a couple of times, but not enough to remember such a tiny detail, in fact, I probably wouldn't have even remebered that that was the car featured in the book until the OP mentioned it. to the OP, grow a pair, and don't base decisions because of a fictional character. Again, a reasonable person isn't going to look at your car and go OMG TWILIGHT!!!!

noelykins1 19

Hate the movies but enjoyed the books. Bella actually had a personality!

TheMichaelIsFres 0

I agree twilight blows I mean sparkling vampires that goes against every other vampire movie ever created

SpazzyJazzy325 0

Dracula doesn't sparkle like a fairy princess. NO! He sizzles and pops like a fried egg. These are facts.

cherrypie22 6

Big deal. Someone wrote a book that's not EXACTILY like every other vampire book, who cares?

dragger 0

It doesnt have to be exactly like the rest, but sparkling is way over the top

Ugh... I dislike when people are ignorant. DRACULA DID NOT BURN IN THE SUN!! Nosferatu did; he was supposed to be Dracula, but they didn't have permission to make it, so they changed certain things, like name and ending. Read Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Amphysvena 11

or, you could man the **** up and drive the car because you like it, not because someone else did

BoredReader88 5

You could WOman the **** up (OP is a woman, not a man)

I think what the OP means is that every twilight fan will now be trying to buy the car that Edward drove which means that it will become harder for her to find.... -_-

Yea man up and drive that Volvo, orrrr you could go with a superior German rival... Just saying...

I think the real problem is you wanted a Volvo...

Ya... just b/c kurt cobain had one. Who cares about kurt cobain... ydi

Volvos are EXCELLENT cars, I don't see why there is a problem with wanting a Volvo. They're reliable, fuel efficient (mine can go two weeks on one tank of gas; and I drive quite a bit!), and super safe.

Flutist 3

^^I swear I wasn't given a hooker to say this for the Volvo people. Nope, no hookers at all. Get the **** off the table Kitty. FiFi stop dancing with Mona. ******* hoo--girlscouts. Yea...girl scouts.

Pssh. I request my endorsements to be paid for in cupcakes. Hookers are not an acceptable form of currency. :D

Sorry, but Volvos are awesome. I really like them, my favorite model is the 960/S90.

1. You deserve it for wanting a car just to emulate a musician. 2. You deserve it for caring enough about what a fictional vampire/fans of said fictional vampire like to make you not want it. Seriously, decide what ******* car you want based on the car, not some random superficial reason amounting to how cool it makes you look.

misha1995 0

Dude, those freakish fan girls would tear OP apart. So it's really not so much of a "caring about Twilight" thing.

It's true. When I park my car I have had high pitched squeals surround it "oh loook Sarah it's a VOLVO wow just like Edward's oh wowowowowowow I really want a Volvo they're so cool and I lurrve Edward soooo much".

#10 Whut?! OP still wants the car, but it's hard to get them in that color now because all the fangirls are in line to get them...