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Today, my 12 year-old daughter asked me where her scrotum is. FML
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i think it's time to give her the talk...

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"I already put it under the pillow for you, so that the Scrotum Fairy will visit and give you $10 if you never speak of this again"


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What's wrong with asking questions to parents, especially when it comes to body parts. His/her daughter is just curious and confused, and asking a parent or nurse is better then some kid in school that would make fun of her.

she's 12 years old. I'm pretty sure she would've had 'The Talk' from teachers..

I agree with 11; I got 'the talk' when I was 10 , that's just wrong.

Judgmental much when i was 12 our teachers didnt say a thing about it. I got the talk from my parents and i went to high school a catholic one and they hardly talked about it either

Why put the responsibility for the "talk" on teachers? This info should come from family.

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Totally. If you want your child to know stuff you need to teach them. Leaving it up to teachers is irresponsible and a cop out.

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Teachers have "the talk" with children but I don't think they thoroughly explain the anatomy of male genitalia. Do they?

Well, all i know is that at my high school we got diagrams and shit. And i'm not only blaming the teachers, I'm just saying, obviously the parents haven't had the talk yet. It's just plain wrong, i reckon.

11, dont forget that OP is In different country from you and I, so while in Australia you would have learnt about sex ed in 6th grade (for me anyway), which would make me around 12, in the US, it may be different.

I never got 'the talk' from my parents, my friend told me about it

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60- nope. Grade 6 is pretty par for the course here as well. OP has just raise a ditz.

I am a boy 13,14 in jan. but I learned about the reproductive system in 5 th grade and my mom told me just a little bit more later and now in 8 th grade at the end of the book I saw we are going to go more in depth about the parts but I already no a lot about that stuff

1, what's wrong with asking questions? It's better to ask a stupid question than to make a stupid mistake.

I got "the talk" from the Internet when I was nine. My mind was thoroughly blown.

Have her ask me in about 5 years and I'll gladly show her where it is.

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We got the talk in 5th grade but we didn't learn the details like scrotum and stuff until 8th. But I'm a guy so I just kinda learned about it from other guys. Not sure what age a girl would hear that level of detail at.

Well looks like I stand corrected by #79. And why the hell did I say that again?

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It's rare to find a 12 year old that innocent these days...she is 12 let her be a kid...the less my 12 yo daughter will know about scrotums the better!

121 - Evidently, the whole "Christian" thing isn't working for ya.

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I don't blame her for being a bit confused. When I was in sixth grade, when sex Ed was being taught, my teacher couldn't stop laughing at the word "penis" long enough to explain what it was.

121- im sorry but you seriously think some kids in grade 12 dont know what a scrotum is? Its part of the biology curriculum and im quite sure most kids take that because every kid in my school does. Youre' a moron if you dont know what that is by age 17-18. And I also go to a catholic school and sex ed is part of the class and we do learn about all the parts. Not that any of us need to, we have all known about this shit for a looong time.

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121- I went to a Catholic high school as well, and we did not have a specific Sex Ed class. We did, however, take biology as a freshman or sophomore, where we learned, in detail, about the reproductive system and the anatomy it involved. If your school offers biology around those grade levels, I can assure you that everyone in your grade knows what a scrotum is by now.

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Well when I was 11 and they taught us about puberty; the guy explaining to us about when we know as in a "thick milky liquid on your sheets like wetting the bed and you'll find it when you wake up. It's basically the same for girls, too!" So I kept thinking that I'd have milk come out of my ****** and when I did get my first period, I felt embarassed and felt like something was wrong with me or something broke and kept quiet. Teachers don't always go about it the right way, and it's good to ask questions.

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149-There are parts of the world were people who are 30+ think sex is a sin and dont realize or know girls dont have the same as guys. Age doesn't mean shit. Obviously you need to go to less sex ed classes you lil **** and take a world cultures class or something that way your not so blind to shit

11 well it depends on if you go to private school or public and where you live. Every school system teaches differently.

173 - wow really im a **** because i know human anatomy? hah you dont know me at all.

i had sex ed when i was 10, i think this girl should know that she dose not have a scrotum

Just cause thy havnt had the talk doesnt mean there an idiot. Maybe they havnt had the talk for a certain reason. Or a family reason. U neverwinter know. I didnt have the talk Till i was 13 because of family reasons. And if Think its right to' call a kid that doesnt know any better and idiot than u miss Are obe urself.

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If you expect a child to learn it all from a school sex ed class, your teenaged daughter will come up to you one day saying, "Mom, my stomach is getting HUGE and I feel nauseous all the time, but at least my breasts are getting big. And no more periods. I LOVE menopause!"

i think it's time to give her the talk...

Lol I agree!! 12 and still have no idea of the difference of male and female parts! The school system is failing drastically!! What happens in health class!!

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The parents failed not teaching her as well. It's not the schools responsibility to teach her she's a girl when she's young it's the parents.

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We actually "meditate" (nap) in my health class....

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Lol. Time for a chat, I suppose.

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Can you help me find where my scrotum is?

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"I already put it under the pillow for you, so that the Scrotum Fairy will visit and give you $10 if you never speak of this again"

I can just imagine what the Scrotum Fairy looks like...

The Scrotum Fairy's appearance is not unlike that of a haggard old woman. Its hair is missing, except for a few curly, coarse hairs that sit atop its weathered noggin. Its wrinkled chin sways pendulously with every movement. It prefers to be referred to as "Scrotes." |the kid|

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Hahaha! This will make great conversation when OP's daughter is older and bringing boyfriends home to meet the parents.

*sigh* To be innocent again, but I'm sure she knows them as balls/nuts/family jewels etc... or all the other pet names they are called.

Cynical_in_SK 6

Well if that's how she knows it then she would be wrong...right along with you apparently. The scrotum is the sack which holds the testicles (balls/nuts/family jewels...etc.), not the actual testicles themselves. Guess you are more innocent...or at least more ignorant...than you thought.

I thought it was called a "coin purse" or "marble hammock" or "nut/ball sack." (I'll think of more euphemisms later.)

I wouldn't really call a ball sack an euphemism. More like the opposite, IMO.

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... Anyone wanna tell me where the scrotum is.. Please