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Today, I walked in on my 15-year-old daughter stripping on Skype for strangers. FML
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I think it's time to have a really long talk with your daughter...

Well you should "strip" your daughters computer from her


I think it's time to have a really long talk with your daughter...

More like time to permanently confiscate the computer, too

No, the time to have that talk was maybe during her prepuberty days.

RenoTheRhino 30

Or maybe, 18, OP did have some sort of talk with their daughter, but she made her own decision about what she wants to do.

(@22) Unless her father isn't in her life, divorce early, or some other life changing event, to my knowledge the only thing that leads teens (especially females) astray like this is ignorance. Yeah kids do their own thing but it all starts somewhere.

or maybe some kids just make bad decisions. it doesn't mean they have daddy issues.

#43, her father is the one that walked in on her so I'm pretty sure he's part of her life.

Oh dratz. I didn't even bother to look at the gender indicator, silly, ignorant me.

Communication is truly key here. Something seems to have been missed during general self respect talks. OP I hope she realizes she is worth more than being manipulated by strangers.

xxcaitlannxx 15

Or it could be self confidence/ self respect issues as well.

sweetnsourrr 11

#43 It doesn't matter how well you raise your child there's no guarantee that he/she will turn out well or won't make any mistakes. I know great parents who have bad kids and bad parents who have good kids.

Hopefully this conversation doesn't happen over Skype, or OPs dad is in for a surprise..

@43 well maybe your knowledge is wrong

My parents are divorced and I have never done something like that nor will i! Maybe she's just a horny 15 year old girl. People doing stuff like this isn't always because they don't have a role model or someone

Honestly, you guys are all probably right. Maybe it has to do with the area I live in, or the things I've witnessed; but by the looks of it I guess the grass is greener on the other sides

I would kill my daughter.. Thankfully, I have no daughter.

J_Kertz 14

Man, #43 is just saying none of the right things right now...

skip_m 6

Actually, that would be the right thing to do!

It could be that she is insecure about her looks and used an extreme action to validate her self worth.

I don't understand how OP "deserves this"?

#195: People like to blame parents whenever a child does something foolish. It's weird nobody here has blamed the creeps who were egging her into taking her clothes off online...

The horniest teens come from Cali.. So it seems..

Thank you #165 for saying this. Just because she does this doesn't mean that she has lack of self respect or issues. She could just be horny, and maybe gets off to wanting an audience. It happens more than one might think. It doesn't mean something is wrong with her.

she is in that rebellious stage so taking most likely won't work. She'll just be extra careful to make sure you don't find out again.

I understand where you're coming from 215, guess kids might just really **** up

hahaha you wish more like Illinois or Nebraska

Kids got to earn money some how, don't hate! Jk. I think therapy might be in the near future.

#2 No, just a long talk needed and time away from the computer. Communication is a really big key factor OP needs to have with their daughter right now. No need to embarrass them and drag them into a room where they have to explain their feelings as to why they strip for strangers over webcam.

Okay, so therapy is embarrassing and pointless now? Be right back, going to make headlines when I expose psychology as the world's biggest scandal.

I never said therapy is pointless, it just shouldn't be needed for everything. All OP has to do here is talk to their child and find the root of the problem. Like parents should do. Therapy is when OP can't find the solution and knows that's what is needed. No reason to pay someone when OP just has to be a parent and talk to their daughter.

#33 no one said that therapy was pointless. It would most likely be embarrassing for the daughter to explain to a complete stranger why she enjoys taking her clothes off in front of a camera.

On the contrary, people often feel like they can open up to strangers. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be a woman and think I'd be happier that way.

No one said therapy was pointless, just that it should only be considered when everything else fails. I'm in therapy it was a last resort decision, however on my part, I do believe it should have been accessed sooner than it being forced on me after I tried to kill myself. but OP's situation is completely different they should communicate first before trying counselling.

There's nothing stopping you from becoming a woman

How is that becoming a woman if anything that's becoming a ****. But judging by you're profile pic. You dabble in sluttiness yourself.

Oh yes #39 I'm sure it is extremely difficult for OP's daughter to explain her reasoning to a stranger. It's probably...say, as difficult as stripping for complete strangers on a web cam. Totally embarrassing. Yup.

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To be honest it's actually easier to tell a complete stranger your problems than it is to tell say a parent. You know you have to see your parent day in and day out. At 15 there's really no way around that. A stranger though is slightly less biased and if you never want to see them again after telling them really you don't have to.

Well you should "strip" your daughters computer from her

She's probably no "stranger" to those kinds of consequences

You should have just showed up behind her screen.

Show up behind her wearing a horse head. XD

Sounds like someone is going to be losing her internet access for a loooong time.

Good God if I caught my daughter doing this I would remove all electronic devises, go to therapy with her and talk to her until she listened.

and this is why you would be a horrible parent.

Actually I am a damn good Mother thank you. Don't be rude.

Your profile picture is of softcore ****. Somehow, I have a hard time believing that you are a "damn good mother"

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You seemed to have overreacted.

It's okay, OP will backtrace it. Consequences will never be the same.

I totally forgot about that girl jessi slaughter haha

RenoTheRhino 30

Shoot your daughter's computer with a pistol, like that dad did a couple years ago.

Oh that video brought terrible thoughts to my dad's mind, and I hadn't even done anything!

That was pretty stupid actually. He could have given this computer to charity instead of just shooting it.

My dad attemted to do that to me for no reason at all

cryssycakesx3 22

#41, do you give all your possessions to charity too, or do you do as you wish with the things you've worked hard to buy?

#62 Well, if I were to get rid of a perfectly functioning computer to teach my kid a lesson, shooting it would not be very high on my list of priorities. Of course he can do whatever he wants. It doesn't make his action any less stupid.

I think it was for shock value. Perhaps he thought seeing the computer destroyed would hit home better.

You should go on the site she's on and surprise her. Heard it happened before to someone. Whose dad saw her doing the same thing. So he did that and took her computer away.

Skype isn't exactly a site, op would have to make an account and video call her which sounds pretty weird for a parent to do just to see their daughter strip.

The questions are, who is she stripping for, where is she meeting them, and how are they exchanging Skype IDs? I'm assuming it's all online, and her "customers" aren't just randomly sending Skype invites hoping to get lucky.

At least she has a promising career ahead of her...... :/

Just because she is stripping does not mean she is good at it. And last time I checked most girls do not aim to become strippers.

stripping is a well paid profession last time i checked. nothing at all wrong with it.

@262 There is a rather large problem with it when it's a 15 yr old, it's called being a pedophile. Now given we don't know the age of the viewers I can't say that with certainty but given the average age of consent is 16 (I said average, it's lower in some places I know) then anyone at 16 or over is breaking the law.

exactly you don't know the age. None of us do. What we do know is that she was stripping and that's what I based my comment on. Don't assume they are over 16 it just makes an ass out of u and me.