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Today, my 12 year old son came home from school and informed me that he bought an air guitar for $20. He honestly thinks this is a good price. FML
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johngarber24 1

hahaha that's adorable! 12 year olds are hellah annoying but soo funny and stupid

I know right? I got a two pack deal with an air drumset for that price

I can give him a good price on an amplifier. it's in great shape.

rallets 22

well what would be a good price?


he will need an air amp for that. air guitar is no good without an amp. I also give air guitar lessons. $20 a lesson. bit dear but I'll have him playing like a pro in 2 lessons. alternatively if he has his receipt you could get a refund

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what is an air guitar?? I never seen one of those.

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#16 - excuse me, but i happen to be 12 and am in ALL of the smartest classes at my school. you're being pretty rude and categorizing us. just thought i should point that out.

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102 i loved your profile picture pure win

136, First rule of the internet is: when you're trying to prove a point, don't say you're 12.

wait... like an air guitar like there's nothing there your just playing in the air??

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#60, you have succeeded in making my day. That is by far my favorite commercial!

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158- Are you being serious? Cause if you are, then FYL. :P

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So I've concluded OP's dumber then a 12 year old.

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Was the receipt written in invisible ink?

nitial ur a dumbass thats a new York Yankees hat. oh well you may not watch baseball or live in USA but I hate baseball and know that

hey sorry man my venom hat looks a lot like that

I hadn't really looked at it though, my bad

Could of been 40 if it was painted with invisible spray.

I think he got ripped off. I could have gotten it for half the price.

You can get them for free at! They offer a hugw variety in models, size, tempo, etc.

you dont buy a guitar by tempo, thats just how fast you play the guitar

80 win. hate when people use musical terms not knowing what they really mean. I had some one once say "I bought a new sax apparently it has a very allegro tones and plays like vibrato" hmmm fail

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I twitched at their use of "tempo" and at the post above, and that's considering I know little about saxophones. I wanna know what the "etc" stands for now, haha. OP- Tell him to play it for you and either say it sounds terrible and he needs his money back, or tell him he sucks at it and should give up on his air rockstar dreams while he's still young. Or borrow it and smash it.

dont know if you don't know what etc means or if you were wondering what else he would say but etc stands for etcetera and it means "and so on" basically it means the list could go on

basically a literary term of blah blah blah blah blah

dudeitsdanny 9

Obviously I meant what he used "etc" instead of. Brain cells: Use them, don't lose them.

152 nice slide. what setup do you have? I have a rayne vendetta with nirsh candy and randals although I am getting bears

Nice an air guitar. Look on the bright side. It functions as every type of guitar. From bass, to banjo to a ukelele.

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With voice effects, you even have your own completely customizable amp! Kid got a good price

the apple doesn't fall far from the tree op

your son is a big idiot..what a rip off. you know what you buy with 20 bucks!??!

#4- it goes without saying the kid made a less than intelligent choice but seriously he is 12, Everyone was an idiot then.

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If you want to punish him, beat him with the air guitar.

I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have fallen for that when I was 12.

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^^HAHA no that's 2 gallons!!

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I wasn't that stupid when I was 12.

I bought a ******** for 20 bucks I'm a guy

with 20 bucks you can buy... an air guitar?

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148, where'd you get three bj's and a taco for 20 bucks? hook me up bro! haha

Yeah, for 20 bucks I could buy Your Mom

Hey if he spends even a few hours quiet in his room not bothering you then was this not a good deal?

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but he'll get bored of it really fast... buy the kid black ops :D

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agreed that buts up kids for hours

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64-Yes, so we can have another brainless kid playing games saying 'I ****** your mom!' or 'You stupid fag!' on games. How about she buys him something educational instead of garbage like CoD. Or if not, at least something that's bot a shit game.

Uhhh.... umm... your son.. does he... why he.. *sigh*

double fail, the kids slow, and that sucks, but u also have to cough up the 20 for the guitar...

I don't think op is going to be paying for it lol. :p that would be a ydi if op did pay the done back.

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no, because it's an air guitar. it's not actually real.

I didn't think I had to elaborate I knew the difference, I know it's an "air" guitar. ****** retards.

op is the parent, where is the money going to come from?

TEAH THEY ARE I COLLECT THEM. my basement is full if vintage and priceless air guitars! I have spent my college fund on them and intend on my investment paying off soon it's weird though I bought them all from the same dude who sells me my weed,

76- your picture scares the hell out of me.

The kid could have an allowance, dumbass.

And I make only high quality air guitars....starting at $100. Just in case anyone is interested.

Ye I will buy one if it is made purely out of neutrinos. Can you make that?

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I also blame the economy comma, like the person above me fullstop.

genetics? the 'ol' nature vs nurture discussion doesn't raise it's ugly head, just opens an eye, stares for a minute and then back to sleep... zzzzzz....

yeah, inflation is making it hard to get kids into air music these days!