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  bgo7  |  0

hahaha that's adorable! 12 year olds are hellah annoying but soo funny and stupid

  nate_msm  |  0

he will need an air amp for that. air guitar is no good without an amp. I also give air guitar lessons. $20 a lesson. bit dear but I'll have him playing like a pro in 2 lessons. alternatively if he has his receipt you could get a refund


#16 - excuse me, but i happen to be 12 and am in ALL of the smartest classes at my school. you're being pretty rude and categorizing us. just thought i should point that out.

  nate_msm  |  0

80 win. hate when people use musical terms not knowing what they really mean. I had some one once say "I bought a new sax apparently it has a very allegro tones and plays like vibrato" hmmm fail

  dudeitsdanny  |  9

I twitched at their use of "tempo" and at the post above, and that's considering I know little about saxophones.
I wanna know what the "etc" stands for now, haha.

OP- Tell him to play it for you and either say it sounds terrible and he needs his money back, or tell him he sucks at it and should give up on his air rockstar dreams while he's still young.

Or borrow it and smash it.

  valalvax  |  13

dont know if you don't know what etc means or if you were wondering what else he would say

but etc stands for etcetera and it means "and so on" basically it means the list could go on

By  locachick101  |  0

your son is a big idiot..what a rip off. you know what you buy with 20 bucks!??!

  chris71sk8r  |  8

64-Yes, so we can have another brainless kid playing games saying 'I fucked your mom!' or 'You stupid fag!' on games. How about she buys him something educational instead of garbage like CoD. Or if not, at least something that's bot a shit game.

  dgr8ing  |  0


I COLLECT THEM. my basement is full if vintage and priceless air guitars!

I have spent my college fund on them and intend on my investment paying off soon

it's weird though I bought them all from the same dude who sells me my weed,