By Anonymous - 10/05/2011 05:12

Today, I learned what a nail gun shooting my leg feels like. FML
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ryrywakaka 0

now you can hang a picture on your leg

That's impressive. Where did your nail gun learn to shoot?


You need to get glasses. Your eyes must be a little rusty

and I bet you thought pins and needles in your legs were bad...

I agree, OP is a little rusty; (s)he wood have to start polishing on his/her skills. Maybe you should take that nice, solid class you saw consisting of grinding and hammering it to your brain. After that, you shouldn't be in so much paint after you smoothed everything out with San Ding.

notsocrazee 0

omg I get those puns!!! they're very cheesy... :/

TinyDude 10

sooooo Op what did it feel like?

the faurytail guild symbol anime is truly everywhere

what the hell, I know it hurt did some shoot you? ppl today do some crazy things

comepoopwithme 0

i think it was a "get shot by a nailgun simulater" its expected to be shown on jackass 10

But it was from a NAIL GUN!! Whitest kids you know? Anyone?

CatEyes66 0

Shouldn't you be working on Black Mesa?

chris71sk8r 8

I worked at Aperture for a year.

FunnyGuy5051 7

omg I live close to #3 :) I get excited over little things lol

I like to experience things for myself but on this I'll just let you tell me how it was.

lol I've gotten shot in the leg with a nail gun and it wasn't that much fun.. I prefer airsoft :P

CommonSenseKarma 17

Is that the metric system or what? Yo no sabe.

SlyTail 5

In Soviet Russia, nail gun shoot you!

the correct soviet russion joke to say (as bad as they are) would be in soviet russia u shoot nail gun.

xmayne 0

Do you honestly think calling someone older than 6 years old a troll is going to offend them?

do you honestly think a person with a picture of the cookie monster on his shirt gets an opinion?

ngk09 0

yes because cookie monster is ******* awesome...

That's impressive. Where did your nail gun learn to shoot?

I guess you got naile- okay nevermind.

Frelling 0