Pete Townshend has a lot to answer for

By FML4evs - 10/04/2009 02:43 - United States

Today, my little brother watched an old video of The Who, who are know for smashing up their guitars and such. He decided it would be cool to try it with mine. That guitar was worth over $3000. FML
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well...time to grab your bro by the feet / ankles and do the same to him


Mrelastaboy 0

lmao who teached you how to right propar inglish? dumb **** learn how to spell simple words before you post a FML

^I hope you're sarcastic, or else this is the worst fail I have seen in eternity.

133 fails cuz hes retarded and attempts to dis ppl wen he doesnt no wat hes talking about

ToastedOats 0

Strangle him with the guitar's strings and watch the life slowly leave his eyes.

ouch... Should definitely make him pay one way or another. Make sure he learns from this mistake

I believe a nice kick in the shin is in order.

hazelkee 0

#5 ftw. I would hurt my brother. I love my guitar even tho it's only 200$.

slushpup9696 12

Yeah same, I just bought a new guitar for $200 and I won't let anybody touch it. I'm really OCD about it, actually. I polish it after every concert :)

Well at least your little brother will know where to stick the money he earns for a while...

mishmosh 0

Holy shit I love the Who but I would have kicked his ass... I'm trying to afford a nice guitar even 800 dollars... that's insane

Same here, I just got a Bass worth $300, I can't imagine smashing a $3000 guitar, I'd cry

Ouch!! That has to suck. And 3 grand for a guitar, you must love your music.

You should superglue bits of it to his ceiling as torture.

well...time to grab your bro by the feet / ankles and do the same to him