By Anonymous - 29/12/2010 02:52 - United States

Today, I came home and was greeted by my dad telling me that he pawned my guitar for gas money. FML
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Hey, don't worry. it's not like he pawned your guitar for gas money. Oh, wait...

your dad suuucks


your dad suuucks

Pawn his car for guitar money. Simple, he gets gas and you get a guitar! Win-win situation.

use his car engine as an instrument :) just rev the gaz

...or does he GAG?

It depends on what kind of guitar it was. I'm not a big guitar person but if it was expensivse then I don't know what to tell you. I'm going to go eat my bowl of corn flakes and coco puffs.

What #1 said. You could even get yourself a better guitar!

bamagrl410 31

Haha and the winner is #4

4 said it best ... win

My thoughts exactly. Pawn that f**kers car for guitar money and alcohol money!

this is why i keep my guitar in a locked closet in its locked case in my LOCKED gunsafe :) along with my rifles pokemon cards and a $0.94 giftcard to gamestop

wow #57 wow, I can understand the guitars but pokemom cards? and 94¢ at gamestop? can't get crap for 94¢ at gamestop >_>

if my dad sold my guitar I'd kill him

You totally deserved it, unloving sons these days...

oh shit snoop doog na na na na

So much for playing music on the corner for money.

Hey, don't worry. it's not like he pawned your guitar for gas money. Oh, wait...

You did not just do that. No, wait, let me rephrase that... OH NO YUH DI'INT!

damn that sucks man, I would be so pissed off if my parents did that with my guitar.

Wow, I know gas is really expensive, but that is just messed up.

I cannot help but read pwn in place of pawn. Geez...

I know. I did the same exact thing. o.O

what a dad! wow he's a loser

i would so punch his lights out. i dont care if he's my dad, he has no right to pawn off your property