bstent tells us more.

I honestly wasn't hugging him that hard.. We had just eaten and he's really skinny, so that probably had a lot to do with it lol

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Might want to ease up on arm day.

Damn maybe turn some of that passion into a kiss haha


Damn maybe turn some of that passion into a kiss haha

Her boyfriend must be anorexic

You're thinking of bulimic... and no.

his love was deep. he could feel it in his gut. he just wanted to show it.

No such thing as too clingy ;)

Oh yes there is. Example: the last guy I dated snuck into my house in the middle of the night because he "missed me". Never found out how he got in

If she turned that much passion into a kiss she might end up biting his tongue off.

Too clingy in this case turned into a front Heimlich maneuver. If it was a kiss, she's be tasting that vomit...

Joking again!

Whoa #42, I hope you changed your locks!

Might want to ease up on arm day.

Found a relationship where your the strong one

Wtf wud u hug so hard creep

Then you felt the warmth of his love for you?

that's nasty. loosen up a little bit. hugs aren't supposed to be puke worthy.

You aren't supposed to give the Heimlich maneuver as a hug.

At least he knows you care about him!

yuck. im sorry to hear, hope he feels better

Are you Hulk Hogan?

"Hell yeah I am sister!" *Hulk hogan voice while flexing so hard the veins look like they're about to pop and face red*

23, I read that entire thing in Hulk Hogan's voice. It was really unnerving...

didn't know it was possible to make Someone hurl by hugging them.

I didn't either!! >.< We always hug each other tightly and that was the first time anything like that has happened.