By girlshavepenises - 28/06/2011 06:39 - New Zealand

Today, in science, we were studying reproduction. Our teacher was reading out the notes and claimed that 'the female's penis stiffens to enter the male's vagina.' I'm supposed to be learning stuff from this woman. FML
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that's pretty funny. someone obviously didn't pass sex ed

enonymous 8

Wait... It doesn't?!? all these years I've been doing it wrong


that's pretty funny. someone obviously didn't pass sex ed

?? I'm confused, don't all women have penises?

Women technically do have a penis, it's the clitoras.

Ferretface 13

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the clitoris responds kind of like a penis does so 22 is right!

36. during the stages in the womb, all babies begin female. which is why men have nipples. once it goes into the male stage the ovaries drop through the vagina to become testicles. the place where the clitoris is eventually grows out to be in the bottom portion of the penis tip. so actually, technically all of us men have dick clits. :P

WhiteBoyThatCan 0

22 technically all guys are gay cuz when they eat a girl out the suck a penis :'(

48 - clitterdicks. ;D

Badshah 0

yah but men dont have vaginas

how creative! also dickoris. although they both sound profoundly stupid and the thought. of me having this.. thing is disturbing :/

Looks like a lot of people didn't pay attention in Sex Ed. considering all of these comments.

Badshah, ever heard of Buck Angel?

^48 u have scarred me with ur knowledge

Termites 15

Wow! Based off of all these male's comments, NONE of you get layed or you would have played with a clit long enough to realize that it behaves like a little penis... Sad.. I'm glad i get laid on a daily basis. Turtle power!

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shane Dawson!

Erm, 89, you do know there are more fulfilling things to do in life? Sex is one thing, sure, but its not everything.

89 - you win the award for the douchiest comment I've ever read on this website.

damn #89 youre so lucky please teach us all your ways!!!

GunnarG9 0

18-I hope you're kidding, cause if your not, you have problems.

Sure she's a woman?

a_nutritionist 10

@45 & 48 by that logic we are all chimpanzees. oh and all faeces are food. that explains why we throw our shit around right? since we are all chimpanzees...oh my bad, having a common precursor isnt the same thing as being identical. so yeah...women dont technically have penises. i dont think you people know what the word technically really means...

yohooooooo 5

obviously the teacher is a hermy.. duhhh!

I am putting this FML in my faves, solely to read your comments. xD

Gtfo 89. Trolling manwhore

a_nutritionist 10

naw alan, dont be like that, its far more likely hes a recent ex virgin. he just got himself a girlfriend weak minded enough to let him near her and he now thinks cos hes had sex a couple of times that hes an expert on women. give it 3 weeks and i bet hes an expert on unplanned pregnancy, chlamydia and statutory rape laws too.

epic picture!!!! ^^

ImMeDealWithIt 3

haha I know right haha

Shes obviously trying to tell the class her "personal" problems

GhostDuck 30

Every time I come across this FML and read your comment, I facepalm. Really? You seem a bit dense to be operating a computer right now...

loverrbugg 9

22 - Just because it may behave like a penis, that does not make the clitoris a penis. And please, if you're going to try and show off your knowledge of human anatomy, at least spell "clitoris" correctly....

in the womb, everyone starts out female the clitoris is just an underdeveloped penis when the y chromosome is introduced, the clitoris grows into a penis

marijuanasmoker4 3

Maybe the teacher was just checking if you were paying attention?

She could've just mixed up her words too, it's not like she could genuinely think a woman has a penis

sensoon15 7

or maybe the teachers just special and has a penis.

or maybe she's an alien trying to infiltrate and corrupt the Human race for an invasion in 2012. watch out for those damn extraterrestrials

mattmadden 0

OP's teacher is a hermaphrodite!

dude your so lucky! I wish Justin bieber taught me sex ed.

benjimm1 0

^finally. a chick that gets it

notsocrazee 0

the real failiure here is that she had to put FEMALE in front of vagina MALE in front of penis. because i have yet to see the illusive and quite rare male vagina.

I have unfortunatly, it's a very scary sight let me tell you

Buck Angel. That is all.

sanjm3 0

u kl

abdinoor 0


no your third :)

9-wrong comment :)

griffindragon97 3

umm? brainfart? somethings not right

no the teacher is right. I think... am I the only man that has a vagina?!

redshortsx 0

that's effing hilarious. major fail on the teachers part but not an FML. go post this on MLIA

enonymous 8

Wait... It doesn't?!? all these years I've been doing it wrong

That makes two of us...

That makes three of us.

chaps93 6

that makes four of us... just kidding. I couldn't get laid if my life depended on it

at least your honest. most people lie about it

enonymous 8

It's the Internet everyone tells the truth on the Internet.

lol.. this is why incest is no bueno!

Lol if everyone were honest on the internet then there would be no trolling goin on! And that would make the internet that much less funny:P

skyttlz 32

According to OP's teacher, I am a male.

The truth and Internet are never to be used in the same sentence unless it's in a negative way just go on 4chan **shivers** that's how I found out what a furry is.

Suddenly 0

Still Counts

uhuh and once the female ejaculates and fertilizes the male egg...a fetus is formed in his left testicle...

shaubygal 11

makes you wonder... does this teacher have a penis and does her husband have a vagina...

dragonstrike94 8

212- God that would suck

DudeImBetter 0

maybe that's the way it works in his/her household?

irishman1733 0

what happens in Bangkok stays in Bangkok. haha the hangover part two rocked!

bfflrhea 0

your cute.(: mom lied to me?

bobsonanna 4

LMAO and the female clitoris enters the male vagina? :DDD Please...

fthku 13

That doesn't seem the case. She said the "female penis stiffens to enter the male's vagina". Seems to me she just mixed up the words. Do make sure you don't come out like an idiot yourself before calling others idiots.

cruforlife 5

Bahaha 165 the whole time I was reading this I was thinking of the hangover:p

I finally understand life thank you so much teacher now I know I'm a girl and the thing I have is called a vagina I was so confused

KingGeorgeGal 12

Have fun d;

demon I was totally wrong all my sex life...