By girlshavepenises - New Zealand
  Today, in science, we were studying reproduction. Our teacher was reading out the notes and claimed that 'the female's penis stiffens to enter the male's vagina.' I'm supposed to be learning stuff from this woman. FML
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  Ferretface  |  13

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  dolphincheddar  |  10

36. during the stages in the womb, all babies begin female. which is why men have
nipples. once it goes into the male stage the ovaries drop through the vagina to become testicles. the place where the clitoris is eventually grows out to be in the bottom portion of the penis tip. so actually, technically all of us men have dick clits. :P

  Termites  |  15

Wow! Based off of all these male's comments, NONE of you get layed or you would have played with a clit long enough to realize that it behaves like a little penis... Sad.. I'm glad i get laid on a daily basis. Turtle power!

  a_nutritionist  |  10

@45 & 48 by that logic we are all chimpanzees. oh and all faeces are food. that explains why we throw our shit around right? since we are all chimpanzees...oh my bad, having a common precursor isnt the same thing as being identical. so yeah...women dont technically have penises. i dont think you people know what the word technically really means...

  a_nutritionist  |  10

naw alan, dont be like that, its far more likely hes a recent ex virgin. he just got himself a girlfriend weak minded enough to let him near her and he now thinks cos hes had sex a couple of times that hes an expert on women. give it 3 weeks and i bet hes an expert on unplanned pregnancy, chlamydia and statutory rape laws too.

  loverrbugg  |  9

22 - Just because it may behave like a penis, that does not make the clitoris a penis. And please, if you're going to try and show off your knowledge of human anatomy, at least spell "clitoris" correctly....

  PDSot  |  21

in the womb, everyone starts out female
the clitoris is just an underdeveloped penis
when the y chromosome is introduced, the clitoris grows into a penis

  notsocrazee  |  0

the real failiure here is that she had to put FEMALE in front of vagina MALE in front of penis.
because i have yet to see the illusive and quite rare male vagina.

  FurryPride  |  9

The truth and Internet are never to be used in the same sentence unless it's in a negative way just go on 4chan **shivers** that's how I found out what a furry is.