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Today, my biology professor was giving a lecture to everyone and used me as an example. For what? Traits men are repulsed by in potential mates. FML
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Damn, in front of the whole class? Is your professor completely oblivious to the feelings of others? Sorry OP you had to be subjected to that kind of humiliation.

Make him an example of how students are repulsed by teachers.


Damn, in front of the whole class? Is your professor completely oblivious to the feelings of others? Sorry OP you had to be subjected to that kind of humiliation.

That HAS to be illegal.

There's no law against being a jackass.

Verbal abuse/assault is against the law, which means legal action can be taken in such cases.

Teachers give these examples all the time. They are suppose to let you know not to take is seriously, but maybe OP got a little anxious after being used as an example. My ex would do the same sort of stuff.

It actually IS illegal to deprecate a student. Even more so if it is in front of the class.

Man, who were the jerks that down-voted me. It was an inoffensive comment.

badluckalex 23

get that asshole fired. you have tons of witnesses!

Not to mention, despite him being a biology professor, this could clearly be presented as a case of sexism and sexual harassment on the part of the professor. This was so fucking uncalled for and disgusts me. A little ironic that the FML is about how OP repulses, when I'm sure with his behaviour, no woman/man would go near him. Fucking dick.

Jessj958 19

@ #40, I've never heard a teacher use a student as an example to completely degrade them in front the entire class! Sure, a teacher may use a student as an example, but a professional should never make rude and inappropriate comments about anyone in front of a class. As a parent, I would be furious if a teacher ever disrespected my child like that! Sorry that your teacher is such a dick OP. I would report it!

SuperMew 22

I have had biology professors use me as an example for recessive genes because I am a redhead. He used another as an example because they had brown hair and brown eyes. They never said, "This is an example of someone who is so disgusting no man would ever go near them... and look SCIENCE." If I was Op I would report him to the school board. She should never have been treated like that just because she is not pretty.

Wait but she is most likely pretty except the teacher can only see whores as pretty.

Make him an example of how students are repulsed by teachers.

flashback.miss 28

example of what teachers shouldn't do...

That teacher is a real dicknoggin.

Unprofessional dicknoggin!

Actually he is a professional dicknoggin, he has loads of practice and excels at being one.

Fml: The place to find New insults when you need them.

He took such classes as "Dicknoggin 101" and "being a dicknoggin: for dummies"

Did he google search

Wow, I'm so sorry, OP. How rude of him to say that in front of the whole class. Hopefully you can just brush this off. :]

Gotta love teachers, don't worry you will always be someone's type.

emily4040 18

My teacher said something like that to me. His exact words were, "You're single now because you didn't let him have fun, private time with you." I know he didn't mean it that way but still...

You should have reported that. He was being very inappropriate.

It's weird and somewhat creepy when teachers think saying things like this is appropriate.

Obviously I wasn't there, but was he trying to say good for you for not being easy?

Yeah, I had a teacher that said he wasn't creepy because he "hasn't even touched me creepily YET" to me and my friend in like 5th grade and we just thought how in the world could you expect us to not take that the wrong way?

Quiet_one 22

That's incredibly unprofessional. You should report that kind of behavior.

Oh meh. All you Americans want to do is report people or sue them!

being British I would've reported him too it was highly inappropriate of the professor.

Quiet_one 22

Yeah, I've never made an official complaint about a person, but a professor commenting on a student's sexual attractiveness or lack thereof is way over the line.

kewpiesuicide 29

Maybe he has Aspergers. That would make a lot of sense

I hope you reported him. That's so unprofessional.

Were all ugly in our own ways!! No we're not who am I kidding...I've seen some beautiful people on here!! Sorry

meli1195 31

Im guessing you're not one of the beautiful people?