By Anonymous - 29/12/2010 16:30 - Sweden

Today, I saw a girl on the subway that I knew so I started waving frantically. She gave me a really weird expression and moved quickly away from me. Then I realised that I only knew her because I had stalked her Facebook once. FML
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leave the stalking to the corn, fool!


Cre YDI ep

mercedes3210 6

Nothing wrong with facebook stalking. I do it all the time!

we've all crept facebook, but even I have never creeped so much that I tricked myself into thinking I knew someone personally

Rather than frantically waving, you should have POKED her

It is rare that a YDI is set up as good as this one. Also, I like the name, #2.

you were prob like and she was like 

Nice one 37 :D

hahahaha #40 and everybody has at least facebook stalked at least once or they're not true facebookers :| hahaha jks... lol.. -.-

#2 I love your name and pic xD

XxxT3rr4xxX 25

creeper . . . u r one . . . YDI OP?! :S

That's just creepy!!!

I know. 0.o

0KiED0KiE 0

what a creeper.

beatlesfreak 0

Haha weird!

why did you stalk her on facebook? and even if you knew her why would you be waving frantically?!

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leave the stalking to the corn, fool!

So corny! Haha

asianpowaaa 0

weird ass creeper

xMafia 0

Shit, why don't you just do the same to them and bet on their divorce?

youfailed18 0

um.... wrong FML, man..

hairt 4

wrong fml 10!! :P

zcknight 0

fyl for posting on the wrong fml

Uhm wrong fml lol

So is this a FML because you are a creeper or because she ran from you?