By Anonymous - 14/01/2010 21:56 - United States

Today, my teacher compared the female reproductive system to Shrek's head. Never again will I be able to watch the movies. FML
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neither will I.... oh god

Wow. If she is a woman, I feel sorry for her husband. Must be a disaster down there.


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i dont get i would compare it to the cat in the boots

i'd rather enjoy pussy than some shitty kids movie...

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that. I never wnated to picture...ew

you? youre a pussy?

sounds like something my bio teacher would do. she actually showed us how to put on a condom. and she said if we had any questions needed help or needed or wanted condoms to talk to her. fmbc. f my bio class

I kno exactly how she compare them. shrek ears look like where the ovaries are

117 she offered you guys condoms and you're complaining?

oh god now, thanks to you, i won't be able to watch it either lol

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neither will I.... oh god

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Wut? How does that work? xD

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It's just one movie. I don't see how your life is fucked because of that.

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I think you take this too seriously

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If I had to pick a movie to never see again, shrek woul be in the top ten. LMFAO about ur teacher. he reminds me of my health teacher

It's four movies, actually

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I don't see how this is a fml. ha but it's funnny

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Maybe Shrek was one of the OPs favorite movies and the teacher ruined it for them.

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what is wrong with you?!

ö that is scary

Wow. If she is a woman, I feel sorry for her husband. Must be a disaster down there.