By veebenjoo - 28/06/2011 05:35 - United States

Today, I got asked out for the first time in my life. During a prank call. By a complete stranger. FML
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MrFlintstone 5

pc: you wanna hook up op: sure when and where pc: WTF


MrFlintstone 5

pc: you wanna hook up op: sure when and where pc: WTF

MrFlintstone 5

pc: you wanna hook up op: sure when and where pc: WTF

She obviously said "Hell yeah let's do this", then the random stranger says "Just kidding", and hangs up.

5 How do you know that OP is female? Coulda been a guy.

KingGeorgeGal 12

The right person will come at the right time (:

enonymous 8

Say yes!! Omg Omg Omg!!! if you 2 get married I can be your bridesmaid!!!!

Don't worry, I've never been out either..

TheRealBruce 12

Oh heyy Brian yes indeed she is your type oh she's cite but she's not cuter than Jeffrey.

This is not a ********** dating site, people. You people are sick, perverted weirdos.

TheRealBruce 12

oh I'm not into dogs at all I'm more of a cat person and I must admit DocBastard you are just amazingly funny.

randiZ25 0

usually I I'm not that nice, but Tess if that's you in the profile picture I don't see why you haven't been asked out, I'm not coming on to you just making an observation

randiZ25 0

for anyone who doesn't get sarcasm ^ that was a joke.... considering we all know that's not really her in her profile pic.

BigHoshJosh 0

I've never talked to a girl before..

shrinkydinks 0
That1GuyUNo 0

Girl? I don't even know what word means..

Wait, are a woman and a girl the same thing? Why do they have tumors on their chests? THERE'S SO MUCH TO ANSWER.

greenturtle2640 0

Did you say 'yes'? At least for a moment you'd have had someone.

Just prank call them back. "Is your refrigerator running?" works every time.

op: is your refrigerator running? pc: no op: well you better go ca- oh **** you..

8 how would you call back a prank call? but good idea haha

fijianchick 0

aww lol it's okay you'll prolly get asked out in person sooner or later

lisha88 1

did they sound cute? I hope u have caller Id lol