Science teacher

By Anonymous - 13/01/2020 18:00

Today, in science, we were studying reproduction. Our teacher was reading out the notes and claimed that 'the female's penis stiffens to enter the male's vagina.' I'm supposed to be learning stuff from this woman. FML
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Sounds like she misspoke

Maybe she's actually a seahorse in disguise?


bold of you to assume the male has a penis (im kidding)

"I identify as female." "Do you have a penis?" "Yes." "... Well played... well played indeed..."

Maybe she's actually a seahorse in disguise?

Lexie 7

Still would make no sense. Female seahorses don't have a penis

Sounds like she misspoke

Was looking for this comment. Yes heaven forbid someone misspeak. You obviously know what she means. Way to write her completely off. As if OP is so perfect. Where's the eyeroll/you overreacted emoji?

sounds like she made a boner

Ask her if her penis has ever stiffened?

Plot twist: 'she' actually has a penis.

Well, this is completely new knowledge to me - I admit I'm a 30 year old virgin, but this just seems to me to make things a lot more difficult!😮🤣

Wait I’m supposed to have a dick? GUYS I CANT FIND IT HELP ME

You're aware you're about to be bombarded with comments saying you'll need to send pics the creepers on this site can "examine", right?

actually the clit is a tiny penis.

How do they know I’m not actually a guy? 😈

because although the clitoris is a tiny penis, you still have eggs, not sperm.

You got the <i>woke</i> biology curriculum.

Women generally have small penises, don't worry

Yes. I believe "a woman's small penis" is called a clitoris.

1. According to the Internet, a penis is actually a large clitoris. 2. How does this teacher think a male has a vagina?! They don't. They have penises. end of story. 3. If this teacher is married, that would be funny.😂😂 4. If this teacher is a virgin and married, that would be even funnier.