By disgustedgf - 28/06/2011 07:32 - United States

Today, my boyfriend admitted that he stopped brushing his teeth two days after we started dating. Tomorrow is our 2 year anniversary. FML
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redshortsx 0

oh my god that's disgusting! but if your kissing him how could you not know?!


KingGeorgeGal 12

It obviously wasn't that bad if she never noticed?

KingGeorgeGal 12

It is obviously not that bad if she never noticed.

Its also very disturbing.Think of how much bacteria has to be in his mouth.

Nevermind the smell, just think of all the germs and bacteria in his mouth.

She must have some issues if she didnt notice.

Shadow1368 17

You totally deserve it for not noticing. The only way for the OP to not notice is if they have bad hygiene too, or are a dinosaur. So I'm pretty sure it's a dinosaur.

KingGeorgeGal 12

Well if he flosses and uses mouth wash it could remove some of the bacteria and plaque and if he chews gum he could remove the smell.

germs in his mouth what about the germs he's putting in op's mouth when kissing

hahafylop 4

and you wonder why his teeth tasted like last halloweens candy corn? you should notice they kind of get orange after a while. and simple solution: for the anniversary present, get him a dentist appointment! problem solved.. partially

that can't be possible, by now he should have green teeth, and already lost a few, so either OP is blind, tasteless and can't feel anything with her tounge or she is lying

chlorinegreen 27

I hope you enjoyed sucking the scum off his teeth. I'm sorry but that's so gross. I would break up with him so he would start brushing his teeth again.

shrinkydinks 0

I honestly think hygiene on a guy is a turn on;) but I don't see how you wouldn't ever notice?

404error_fml 0

maybe she noticed, but didn't wanna say anything and hurt his feelings?? idk... I would definitely say something though if I were her...

whybother8 0

#45 that was my first reaction too!

EmilyShmemily496 0

I feel bad for his dentist if he ever goes again! D:

ok i got moderated, let's change my comment then. i don't believe you OP, i think you are overreacting, very stupid or your boyfriend was kidding. two years without washing your teeth would mean change of color to a dark green, and loss of some or all of them

sorry ohh great modgods, i seem to have insulted you

ImmortalKratos 0

your tongue is his new tooth brush. I need to get me one of those.

BigHoshJosh 0

and you couldn't tell? are you blind and do have a smelling disorder?

redshortsx 0

oh my god that's disgusting! but if your kissing him how could you not know?!

Exactly, I knew someone who hardly ever brushed his teeth and after only a few days it was VERY visible. Nearly 2 years?! How can she not notice?

sxe_beast 11

IKR? I was wondering this as well. The OP must be really dense. She needs to break up with this guy.

yummayy_ 11

OP must have bad hygeine herself. How do you NOT notice that? I cant stand being next to someone with horrible breath let alone KISSING them!

Maybe op's boyfriend used breath mints all the time or something.

bingababe 16

You couldn't tell when you were kissing him?!

lakaiskate 12

Or during intercourse when he is breathing extremely heavy into your face?

noidea_fml 3

How on earth would you not notice?!

she lost the sense of smell and the eyesight. I have no other explanation...

and taste, unless they have never kissed, either way op deserved it

griffindragon97 3

that's disgusting fyl if you kiss him

That's horrifying, but if you still want to keep him around then just stop grooming. He'll smarten up pretty quickly!

That will leave a bad taste in your mouth

enonymous 8

Mmm tastes like cheese kisses my fav