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Today, in bio class, we were studying the reproductive system. I don't like talking about this stuff, and I twitched every time my teacher said "penis" or "vagina." When I told my family, they laughed and kept repeating those words just to see me twitch. FML
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this was the only comment needed for this post

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I think it's safe to say, the OP is a virgin.

OP's going to have a hard time learning about plant reproduction, involving endsperm, spermatangia, the ovaries being the fruits, etc. Oh, how awkward Biology is.

I think OP died a little typing penis and ****** in the fml.

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I expected a bunch of middle schoolers to be all over this post

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I think it's safe to say she's a sole Mormon in her family... I don't blame them.

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Ok so from now on everyone around you will change their word usage just so that you feel confortable. Get over it and get used to it.

OP should just say happiness really slow then just focus on the last half of the word til it feels normal

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85- OP's not really shy about them. (S)he twitches and makes a huge deal every time someone says them. That is immature. It's also not from the way she was raised since she told her family and they had no problem saying the words.

I used to be like that, but don't be mean, people have their reasons. Something in their past could'vec aused it.

85 you spelt "reatards" wrong in your profile while on a grammar rant. Retard, the highly derogatory word is what I think you meant.

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You know, those are the proper anatomical terms for them. Some of us (although I'm probably one of only a few on Fml) have jobs dealing with them. I breed horses for a living. Penis, ******, vulva, testicles, etc are words we say 1000 times on a daily basis. Get over it already.

85, first off, they are just words. They have no more meaning than what we humans place in them. Secondly, as already mentioned, these are the technical, anatomical terms for these body parts. Having a problem with such words is silly, and any person who has a problem with them needs to either grow up or seek professional help, because these words shouldn't bother anybody.

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I just have to add. It's just embarrassing if you go around the rest of your life saying stuff like "his thing" or "her hoo-ha". I have a friend that's in her late 20s to early 30s and she does that with the horses and I have to mute my phone so she can't hear me laughing my ass of at her. The other day she was on the phone checking mares for me and was saying "This one's ta-tas are starting to swell up but her hoo-ha isn't droopy yet". I about died laughing. So when people use the non anatomically correct terms for them, it makes them look ridiculous and you will get laughed at.

If OP twitches when s(he) hears the word penis or ******, imagine what happens if s(he) actually sees one!

#128, I like you just because you breed horses.

#146 I know, right? Wait a second... OP, DON'T LOOK DOWN WHEN YOU'RE IN THE SHOWER!!!!!

We all have one or another do who gives a sh*t

I think the OP would like to know that the word "vanilla" is etymologically related to "******". Then he/she can twitch every time they get an ice-cream.

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i was jist about to post that.……

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Exactly what I was going to post.

I'm Mormon but I don't twitch when I hear words such as those.

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Penis and ****** are perfectly acceptable medical terms. If they are serious "triggers" then she needs to see a therapist. People shouldn't have to eliminate perfectly acceptable terms because a single person is bothered by them for an arbitrary reason.

"Repeat after me class, penis penis penis, ****** ****** ******."

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This is going to affect her future job as a gynecologist.

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The ****? I wonder what would happen if you try to have sex...

We need the penis pervert from Mission Hill to give OP a call. (I sincerely hope I'm not the only person who saw that show)

I wonder how difficult it was for her to type this FML haha

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Is it just me, or does that sound exciting? When you finally have sex, have your partner say penis over and over, turning you into a human vibrator.

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U do realize the person above u beat u to it?

#65- no one likes a smartass, love...

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****** ****** ******....penis penis penis

65- you do realise they posted at the exact same time don't you? Check the time.

For someone who doesn't like discussing 'his stuff' you really are discussing it a lot.....

OP best find a mute woman to lose his virginity to

I don't know what kind of sex life you have, but the words penis and ****** are rarely, if ever, uttered during mine.

*having sex* Girl: Put your penis in my ******! Guy: put your ****** on my penis! That's how it'd like it to go, and not just here the words '**** me'.

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My husband and I say penis and ****** all the time. We never say things like **** or pussy out of respect for each other.

Thank you 129 for the mental image of the very *respectful* and technically correct sex that you and your husband must have.

MissHayleyJames 7

We don't talk or act dirty to each other because it's well...dirty. We make love and are sweet and intimate with some passion thrown in. We don't have porno sex because that's just sex. We value each other and sex more than that.

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149- thats great that you and your husband are respectful of each other but you can let loose and have fun too. It's not "porno sex" its just having some fun with your hubby(:

MissHayleyJames 7

We have plenty of fun without being like "oh you're so dirty *smack*". It's just our preference and beliefs and considering I get 2-3 orgasms each time I'd say it's working just fine for us.

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Why are you telling anyone about this? No one asked about your sex life. Don't you think it's weird how you just volunteered that information?

Well, if he twitches at those words, you know he won't do as well with others. He did say he didn't like to talk about the general category of the "stuff"

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If you twitch whenever someone says penis or ******, i have a feeling its gonna be real hard for you to lose your virginity.

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Only if someone narrates the experience with the technical wordings

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I couldn't help myself.... ^that's what she said...

I have a feeling if OP gets a chance to lose their virginity and they see the opposite sex's equipment, they'll go into a full blown seizure.

10 bucks says they seize before even getting half blown

How old are you, about 7? Grow up or lead a very lonely life... YDI