By eemp - 05/02/2010 05:01 - France

Today, I got sent to detention for saying, "That's what she said" after a girl in my class said, "Push a little harder" while dissecting a frog. FML
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If it helps at all, at least it was funny?

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how could you pass up an oppurtunity like that? seriously. props.


If it helps at all, at least it was funny?

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@op Thats a situation where you can't pass up a good Twss. you could actually fight that and say you didn't mean anything sexual. they can't prove what your thinking

That was a picture on funny pics and epic fail. comeup with your own material

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I thought I had heard this one before.

You people! Stop replying to my comment just so you can be higher up on the page!

hey, for one of the rare firsts times, #1 didn't day first :D haha that reminds me in biology when this kid said crap while dissecting a frog and the teacher took off points OR when I was in a group full of guys and we were dissecting a deer heart and they were fingering the holes in it O_o "this feels good!" rofl.

Epic Twss moment. Way to go OP.

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she said jokes are hillarious, but emature.

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D: that remindss me that in my animal science class we were looking at dead female pig reproductive parts and the vag, cervix ovaries and uterus was all cut off from the rest of the pig's body and the guys were fingering the pigs vag and saying the same thing

That's not a proper FML... Get a small detention for pulling off a good joke is nothing

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Honestly if spell a comment wrong you lose the effect.

haha, you deserve it. I'm so tired of that saying, too many people say it. it gets old

I've had a teacher say that to me.

Seriously, that almost deserves a medal.

i feel sooo bad 4 u because that is the funiest joke ever u did the right thing by saying it lmao

not funniest ever even better is when someone says "you put it in the wrong hole"

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Lol this one funny

This reminds me of something that happened in my class, this girl on the other side of the room was talking about something and said, "but it's so small." And the guy behind her was like "that's what she said" lol, he got kicked out of the room

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what? lol ...

that's a pretty good twss

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REALLY have to explain this? .... That's What She Said= twss

too bad he copied from a pic on the app "funny pics"

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Bro I live in Bmor too

Just because something already exists does not mean that it is automatically "copying" if someone comes up with that thing too.

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how could you pass up an oppurtunity like that? seriously. props.

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dude I gotta give you props for this I'm a chick and I wouldve said the same thing xD

YDI, obviously. Still, I think it was worth it.

I think you are very lucky. Be glad your teacher was reasonable and didn't report you for sexual harassment. Consider taking this as an opportunity to mature a little. You can get into serious trouble for saying things that are even less risqué at the work place when you are an adult. I've learned this first hand and wish to spare you the learning pains.

"So you got somethin to look at when you're talkin to 'em! ......So you got somethin to look at when you're talkin to 'em!"

#12 wins

Dude your a fag (as defined by south park). Humor as three basic building blocks: Pain, Sex, and Insult. Calling it immature is just being a kill joy. We use to have a "that's what she said" day at work and everyone loved to participate.


#10 : What you said is sad, but true. I'm not saying sexual harassment should be accepted, but every little off-color remark always turns into a cash-making opportunity in our litigious society. I miss the days when you could make a good gang-bang joke around the water cooler. That's why I plan on becoming a criminal defense attorney. Instead of clogging up the courts with bogus lawsuits, I plan on releasing murderers. You're welcome, society.

@68 I signed up just to comment on this. And If I catch a murder charge I'm def. hiring you.

Today a kid in my class said "that's what she said" after a girl said, "push a little harder" while disecting a frog. IMMD

i miss my dad? immd?

It made my day? I dunno.

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ydi for being a dumbass. that wasn't even funny.

It was a golden opportunity.

Shut up. Just shut up. Smart people crack TWSS's too. Because they're so frickin' funny.

EPIC WIN! I think it was worth it.

was the frog actually shit?