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Today, I won a big raffle. However, my name is so ridiculous-sounding that they thought someone was playing a prank, and pulled a different ticket. I was too embarrassed to say anything. FML
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im not too sure, but I do actually know a phillip michael hunt.... you can work out where im going with this

Can't be any more ridiculous than that couple who named their kid "Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii." :-(

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Why can't they get my name right? It's so simple! Na, Ee, Na, Na, Jar. Nainanajar! It's so easy!

There's a guy who I went to school with named Harrison (Harry) Cox...

I kid you not I went to school with a boy who's parents do spelled his name ********. I feel so sorry for him.

My name is Harrison (Harry by some) Johnson (Or another slang for penis). So my friends call me Harry Johnson and then just laugh their asses off

Could the real slim shady please stand up?

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#38, that guys parents must have hated him.

I went to school with a "mike littlewood"

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dikenya..... (dick in ya) yes it is a real name....

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*coughs* my grandad is named Michael Hunt (and yes, he hates being called "Mike")

My friend Aaron's grandpa is named Harry Bush. No joke.

I had a teacher in high school named Harold Sachs. students joke about it all the time. suffice it to say he does not like being called Harry.

also, the store manager at the grocery store I used to work at is Mr. Dick, whose full name is, I kid you not, Chris P. Dick.

Crap bag? (I really hope people get this reference.)

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is OP related to 'the todd' in any way?

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im pretty sure thats a reference to scrubs.

#7 of course we get it. We're all friends. :)

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#55 I was referring to #14 'the todd' reference, which is in fact from scrubs. I know the difference between them, theyre two of my favorite shows.

Nah it was probably Regina Phalange

Damn autocorrect, I meant to say Biggus Dickus.

#7 If you have trouble remembering it, just think of a bag of crap. :D

I have this painted on a coffee mug at my work... it makes me chuckle.

#78 this plane doesn't even have a phalange.

Omg yes xD and YDI op for not saying something sorry.

This FML definitely needs a follow up. Your name please?

Why on earth would the OP supply his/her real name? That's just asking to be stalked.

Because knowing what qualifies as such a ridiculous name is important to the fml community so that they can laugh at op

Knowing the name is an important part of FMLs such as this. It's silly to not include it.

Batman bin Suparman? (there's a real guy with that name in the world, no kidding.)

126-Like that's the worst. Dick Assman, GoldenPalaceDotCom Silverman (parents were paid for that one), Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116 (rejected protest against naming laws, but pronounced "Albin", later tried "@", also rejected, also pronounced "Albin", but not the first to try for @), God Shammgod......Batman bin Suparman has a lot of competition.

Yes because knowing someone's name is certainly a guaranteed invitation to stalk them (heavy ass sarcasm intended)

You get used to that when you have an Italian last name.

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My dad purposely named me Amber so I would not have as many difficulties in school as he did. My Mexican last name though does add some problems since I live in a white based community

I have an Italian last name and it still irks me when people say it wrong.

try having a Nigerian last name and living in Texas

Well, I have three A's and three Q's in my name. And it consists of eight.

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You should have claimed your prize, you won! Sorry that it was embarrassing op :/

At least your name isn't Gaylord and someone had agreed to name their baby after you, before they knew your name.

My principal's name was Gaylord. Was hard for all of us not to laugh every time he was called up.

It can't be that ridiculous. I would've got my prize still. Own up to your name! Lol it's not rapunlesha

I feel sorry for you OP but why did 31 (the amount at the time of posting) people say YDI. How does OP deserve it?

Probably because he didnt stand up for himself. I don't have a "unique" name so I wouldnt know how it feels to be in his shoes.

1) presumably they entered the raffle themselves so could have put down a nickname. 2) by the time you've grown up with something like that you should be able to laugh it off and stand up anyway. And if you can't manage 1 or 2 the you need to (3) change your name because you're going to miss a lot more in life than a raffle if you let what people think of your name keep you from what you're entitled to.

Hello? Some people shyness issues.

Because no matter what their name is, they should have claimed their prize, it's easy enough to show I.D. and prove that's your real name.

Alright now, could Mr Focker please stand up?