By Fark - United Kingdom
Today, I had a dream I was going the bathroom. I then woke up peeing, but I didn’t wet the bed yet. As I ran to the bathroom while half asleep and in the dark, I rammed into the wall. On my way back to bed, I tripped and accidentally slapped my fiancé in an effort to stop myself from falling over. FML
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  nosajb23_fml  |  0

haha I like how u were like "haha" like it was funny then u were like "wow" like u were amazed but bcuz it came after the "haha" the "wow was actually like " I can't beleive u did that teehee" :)

  iSwag  |  0

those dreams suck! it's like you're dreaming and you have to pee in the dream and you can't wake up. you're whole dream is about you trying to find somewhere to pee and then you finally do...and it turns out you peed in real life as really sucks

  mazuma  |  0

I remember once I had a dream that I was in my 4th grade classroom and me an my friend were peeing in urinals at the front in front of everybody. then I woke up and I wet the bed, but that was a long time ago.

  Nolwen_fml  |  0

those dreams sucks!!! You can never find a toilet in your dream or when you sit on the toilet, its not coming out.. At least I always wake up before I pee in my bed.. That would be terrible at 23 years old..