By Fark - 27/05/2010 22:50 - United Kingdom

Today, I had a dream I was going the bathroom. I then woke up peeing, but I didn’t wet the bed yet. As I ran to the bathroom while half asleep and in the dark, I rammed into the wall. On my way back to bed, I tripped and accidentally slapped my fiancé in an effort to stop myself from falling over. FML
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Dreaming about peeing?...

You must not have very good bladder control.

haha I like how u were like "haha" like it was funny then u were like "wow" like u were amazed but bcuz it came after the "haha" the "wow was actually like " I can't beleive u did that teehee" :)

and were u peeing everywhere this whole time?

i dont quite understand this but i still laughed(:

see this is why you pee before going to bed

I haven't had a dream like that since I was a kid :/

how'd you wake up peeing but not wet the bed?

it got on his pants/boxers probably

Wow I had falling dreams but never peeing ones.

22 - did you get my money ready?

That's terrible but I still laughed hehe.

31 it's a girl... and wasn't this posted like 3 days ago?

YDI it for sleeping with your fiance before you wed.

Man I've never had a dream like that....

I do the same thing sometimes... except the slapping fiancé thing XD

this is a womens version of wet dream

... I used to have dreams like that... I'd be swimming or whatever, but it was when I was like 8

this is a womens version of a wet dream

haha 61 win. Anyways I've only had this once but have many falling dreams

yeah I'm gonna have to agree with msjessies point

those dreams suck! it's like you're dreaming and you have to pee in the dream and you can't wake up. you're whole dream is about you trying to find somewhere to pee and then you finally do...and it turns out you peed in real life as really sucks

That sounds bad, is that why kids wet the bed?

that what I'm watchin.. the are both horrible though

I moderated this.. I thought it was funny.

it wuld be more funny if you pissed on ur fiancée

just wanted an excuse to slap the fiancée... whatever helps you sleep at night I guess

are u still going to marry him op

haha this is kinda funnny

I remember once I had a dream that I was in my 4th grade classroom and me an my friend were peeing in urinals at the front in front of everybody. then I woke up and I wet the bed, but that was a long time ago.

No one else seems to have noticed that OP spelled "accidentally" wrong. :p

Is 106 playing with their nipple?... :/

152 it's cuz there not Asian like u jkjk Asians r cool

Yea this FML doesn't make very much sense . To me at least .

hahaha, wow lol sorry nice comment analyzing that other comment tho... made me laugh

I don't get it. Do you have slow pee?

200 will you merry me?

shut up sex before marrige iz awesum

epoh - you're soooo pretty :)

what was he doing there???

those are his naughty dreams hahaha

197 you're so beautiful! like wow.

those dreams sucks!!! You can never find a toilet in your dream or when you sit on the toilet, its not coming out.. At least I always wake up before I pee in my bed.. That would be terrible at 23 years old..

16- haha, I was more saying 'wow' like as in, 'epic fail* xD

95- Uhmm, Samantha S? O_O

oh man that is some foreign country craziness!!

its a chick bro

Fiancée-female Fiancé- male

hahaha!! lmfao..

You mam are hilarious (:

When ever I see the word "Epic" written I always end up singing Faith No More's song in my head.

I'm first?! Whoot. xD But seriously, epic fail on your part OP. Who dreams about peeing..?

number 8? your an idiot if yu think 8 means #1

haha that's very strange

Haha thats not a great start to the day :P at least you didn't wet the bed

Ugh i hate that... fyl

How long have you been engaged 11?