By joybirdnot_13 - 08/07/2009 12:08 - United States

Today, I was working at the mall as the girl that stands around giving out samples of the foods. This guy came up to me and we were flirting for at least 30 mins. With the tray in one hand, I gave him my cell to put his number in it. He ran away with my phone. FML
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YDI for handing your cellphone to someone you didn't know.

you were flirting with an asshole.


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Sorry but I laughed when I read this one.

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So this is an an iPod touch? Those things fucking suck!!!!

Doesn't say what it is.

you were flirting with an asshole.

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Inked2009 0

YDI for handing your cellphone to someone you didn't know.

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its better to steal the phone now rather than later on a date, including the car keys, and your purse.

and THAT is why i don't let people touch my phone hahaha that sucks though

Classy guy... very classy

YDI, why the hell would you hand your cell phone to someone you just met?

awww that sucks! wat an asshole

That was kinda funny, sorry. These are things you should know about. Like, when someone asks you 'do you have the time on your phone?' Say NO! They'll just mug it off you. Next time, make a guy dictate their number to you, it just makes sense. FYL but YDI too.

You don't have to hand your phone to them if they ask you the time :| Just tell them, I find nothing wrong with asking people the time. I do it all the time.

who cares if you were holding a tray of should have dropped it and ran

that's why u scream STRANGER DANGER!!!