By Anonymous - 02/08/2014 00:20 - Canada - Gatineau

Today, my dad was doing FaceTime with a friend. He turned his iPhone towards my sister and said "There's my daughter..." He then turned it to me and said "...and there's my ugly son", then walked away. I'm still not sure if it's a joke or not. FML
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ScottVining 21

Don't fret about it he was probably joking.

Probably not. If OP was attractive,he would have known it was a joke and this wouldn't be a FML.

My mother calls me attractive and good-looking all the time. We both know she lies.

#2, no one can actually "know" they're truly attractive or not, so uncertainty is the cause of this FML. Obviously the father was joking, because if OP was ugly, that would mean that either OP got it from his father OR the woman his father married.

I feel like you'd be more likely to know if you were ugly rather than attractive.

SarahSehhati 40

Plot twist..... OP is actually a girl............

"The apple didn't fall too far from the tree! Right, dad?"

He could've said 'here's my other daughter'.

Right. The father already called his son ugly. His father could've called him a girl. #1minutewastedexplainingajoke

There isn't actually a gender symbol (at least for me there isn't). This would be so much worse if OP were actually a girl!

It doesn't state what gender the OP is (not for me anyway). When I first read it I thought OP was a girl since that would make it far more of a FML. Most guys I know wouldn't care about being called ugly by another guy and would just reply with a similar remark. Then again, most guys could be really sensitive to being called ugly and the ones I know are the exception...

Ugly don't mean nothing these days, unless it's a depiction of who you are inside... Take it to the chest and walk with a smirk...

Your dad sounds like a jerk. I don't understand why people feel the need to poke fun at others' appearance, especially parents who say those things to their kids. It's not funny, it's hurtful. Sorry OP, I'm sure you look fine. Your appearance = your decisions :)

cdawg69 10

Everybody is sooooo sesnsitive these days.... oh gosh its wittle feelings were hurt..

How to my appearances equal my decisions? I certainly did not decide to have a lion's mane for hair!

Then you can decide to shave off the lion mane. Again, your appearance = your decisions. :-)

What if OP is female and this is even more insulting

Exactly what I thought. So much worse if Op is a girl!

Awww! OP I'm sure it was just a joke. Remember he is your father and you come from his genes. :)

It depends whether OP is male or female. If OP is a guy, the father was joking, but if OP is a female... it may mean another thing. :-

that shows there is a healthy father son relationship

Should've told him "Well, the apple never falls far from the tree!"