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Today, I was supposed to hear back from a major scholarship competition. After months of waiting, during which my parents were convinced I had won, I discovered that my entry had never been received. Apparently the woman I had confirmed with had had a long day, and lied so that she could go home. FML
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#49 = Women hating troll

WARNING: troll online head to the anti-troll bunker. Women your better than that you contribute to this society like everyone else does.

and OP you shouldnt take that just cause the woman had a long day thats what she is paid to do and if she doesnt do it thatn she shouldnt earn her pay

By  oogyboogy  |  6

That has happened to me many manY

  americayay  |  0

Well, she didn't deserve it, but the submission does sound like she's assuming an awful lot. I mean, did she SPEAK to the woman? Did that woman ADMIT to being tired and lying? Or did she talk to someone who confirmed and now they say they don't have it? I'm just saying, there's a pretty good deal of this that seems to be OP jumping to conclusions.

  katiefershady  |  0

I always wonder that too like whenever I read a FML that I think there is no way anyone could say they deserve it (like this one) there are always tons of people who say they do. I cant possibly understand how she deserved this at all that totally SUCKS!

  americayay  |  0

#75, it says that OP confirmed her entry. As in orginally. Not that OP confirmed that the woman had lied because she wanted to go home. I'm just saying, there's not a lot of way OP could know this. Either way, undeserved.

By  xpxp2002  |  4

Sounds like my guidance counselor from back in high school. My friend lost out on over $2000/semester in scholarship money because the counselor didn't submit the paperwork on her end to meet the deadline.