By Anonymous - 11/10/2010 09:07 - Canada

Today, I scratched a lottery ticket I had gotten for my birthday and won $10,000. In celebration, I jumped up and raised my hands directly into a ceiling fan. Oh, and it was a fake ticket. FML
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WOO HOO! You're a tall mother ******.

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FYL!! :( hope your hand feels beetteerrr


DONTrockMYroll 0

FYL!! :( hope your hand feels beetteerrr

Canada.. ..them and them neutral self

I don't see how this is an FML. OP got pranked... and there wasn't even any public humiliation involved... and then OP got whacked by a ceiling fan... okay that hurts for 5 minutes, seriously. People are way too ******* whiny i swear

Same to you 14, don't eat too much turkey. :)

agreed, 14 and 69. I just had some nice apple pie.

Lame. We have to wait till November! What's that aboot, eh?

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I through my hands into fans some times and say aaaaaaa oooooooo my family scruwed me

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Look at it this way, at least you can use the money you won to help your hand/hands/arms get better. O wait...

msbraindamage this site is for people to post... you know what nevermind. I'm so sick of explaining to idiots.

Hm, actually I'm fully aware of the purpose of this site; something shitty happens to someone, they come back here and say "This and this happened! FML!!!" Many of the FMLs belong here, but I really don't see how this would cause someone to say, "**** my LIFE!!!" Maybe their life is easygoing and great and something like this, (that I consider minor) really does "**** up their life." Either way, it's my opinion that this isn't FML-worthy, and guess what? That's the other purpose of this site. In other words, you sir, are the idiot.

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104, do you know how much this could have affected the OP? you have absolutely no idea if this person broke their fingers, and happens to be a pianist or something similar. so don't be so quick to judge if you have little or no background knowledge please:)

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#106 - It's only a ceiling fan. It is NOT going to break bones. If the OP was a pianist, they would have stated it.

Fans cannot break bones, even on high speed. Industrial fans can, though.

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I throw my hands in the fan some times an say aoooo your parents scrwed you

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the tiniest things in life are normally the most important things in life for us poor and depressed people. Finding out it's a fake lottery ticket is pretty bad...then getting hit by the ceiling fan is bad too! Overall, if you got nothing nice to say don't say it at all! No one wants to hear your $h!t! thats why this world is the way it is cuz we have to many people just like you!!!!! Your just another piece of the dust from the rest of the b!tch3$ in this j***@$$

I'm gonna have to disagree with you. I busted my head open on a ceiling fan and had to have that two inch thick gash glued back. That definitely hurt more than five minutes.

first fail of the night.. I'm sure there will be many more fails to follow tho | | |/

#10, it's morning here too, in Ontario, Canada. :D

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I don't know. I mean personally, I'm more of a winter fir kind of person. That's just me.

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Oldest trick in the book. YDI for being so blonde.

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FFML_314 11

WOO HOO! You're a tall mother ******.

Lol @ FFML_314. I think you are one of the funniest, craziest ***** on this site. xD

FFML_314 11
gators1995 30

I wish I could jump up and reach a ceiling fan. OP must be tall.

FYLDeep 25

I'm 6 feet tall, but I didn't grow tell I was like 17 years old. Give yourself some time before you complain.

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Most girls stop growing at an earlier age. I've been 5'7" since I was about fourteen.

FYLDeep 25

You would have been significantly taller than the 14 year old version of me. I was maybe 5'4''.

I'm 17, and 5'1" I haven't grown since I was 13. I'm a girl so I'm pretty sure I'm done.

FYLDeep 25

I guess so. 13 still seems pretty young to be completely done growing though. I'm glad I wasn't done growing at 13 at least.

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get back to the plantation. pick some cotton. fulfill yours.

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Ceiling fans aren't going to do any real damage.

InfamousRaider 15

I agree @119 most ceiling fans aren't gonna hurt you unless somehow you modify it and make the blades spin fast enough to do some serious damage

I tricked my step mom with one of those fake lottery tickets. She jumped out of the car and ran inside the gas station screaming like a lunatic. The lady in the gas station took twenty minutes to convince her the ticket wasn't real. :) Fake lottery tickets are good pranks for gullible people.

Loving god is like loving a step parent. You never really feel any love back. ( I know this is random, but your comment made me remember this. I don't know wher I got this from though...)

This must be one of those things only americans find hilarious.

lol if your not from here then how can you speak American?

InfamousRaider 15

Wow you're really ******* stupid, american is not a language, it's called english. People in england can also speak this so called "American" language.

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Damn that sucks OP. Now you can waste more of you're money trying to win