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  MsBrainDamage  |  0

I don't see how this is an FML. OP got pranked... and there wasn't even any public humiliation involved... and then OP got whacked by a ceiling fan... okay that hurts for 5 minutes, seriously. People are way too fucking whiny i swear

  MsBrainDamage  |  0

Hm, actually I'm fully aware of the purpose of this site; something shitty happens to someone, they come back here and say "This and this happened! FML!!!" Many of the FMLs belong here, but I really don't see how this would cause someone to say, "FUCK my LIFE!!!" Maybe their life is easygoing and great and something like this, (that I consider minor) really does "fuck up their life." Either way, it's my opinion that this isn't FML-worthy, and guess what? That's the other purpose of this site.

In other words, you sir, are the idiot.

  zyzter  |  0

104, do you know how much this could have affected the OP? you have absolutely no idea if this person broke their fingers, and happens to be a pianist or something similar. so don't be so quick to judge if you have little or no background knowledge please:)

  hahaLexinater  |  0

the tiniest things in life are normally the most important things in life for us poor and depressed people. Finding out it's a fake lottery ticket is pretty bad...then getting hit by the ceiling fan is bad too!
Overall, if you got nothing nice to say don't say it at all! No one wants to hear your $h!t! thats why this world is the way it is cuz we have to many people just like you!!!!! Your just another piece of the dust from the rest of the b!tch3$ in this j***@$$

  ciararoseh  |  0

I'm gonna have to disagree with you. I busted my head open on a ceiling fan and had to have that two inch thick gash glued back. That definitely hurt more than five minutes.

By  heynow00wellthen  |  0

I tricked my step mom with one of those fake lottery tickets. She jumped out of the car and ran inside the gas station screaming like a lunatic. The lady in the gas station took twenty minutes to convince her the ticket wasn't real. :) Fake lottery tickets are good pranks for gullible people.

  biass  |  0

Loving god is like loving a step parent. You never really feel any love back. ( I know this is random, but your comment made me remember this. I don't know wher I got this from though...)