By notsolucky - 28/08/2013 21:47 - United States - Stamford

Today, I won a lottery at my local grocery store. Excited, I went to claim my prize, only to discover it was a bottle of red wine. I'm a recovering alcoholic. FML
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oj101 33

Surely, the store couldn't change it for something of equal value?

use it as a gift for somebody else :)

Hey, now you have a gift for a friend or a loved one. EDIT: I didn't read #34 before commenting, my bad.

I don't agree with your advice. OP, I would say you should give it to a family member or a friend. Or wait for the occasion to use it as a gift.

Do you know what a recovering alcoholic is? Someone that knows better than to "drink up"

I agree, don't be stupid, and good for you OP. I doubt that could have been easy!

#37 has apparently never heard of sarcasm.

Apparently sarcasm is non-existent on FML.

mzrobinson 13

Sell it and use the money for cake!

oj101 33

Hopefully, it's a very high end bottle of wine, so OP can go buy a cake from CakeBoss. If its a cheapo, then I guess OP could always eat a 99c Walmart cupcake.

The only cake that's good is ice cream cake. And unforunately, most supermarkets don't have that.

Sorry, I should've said good ice cream cake.

I would get a cheesecake from trader joes, mmmmmm cheesecake.

If anyone is familiar with the game "Portal", or just wants an amazingly moist, rich and delicious chocolate cake, Google "Portal cake recipe". I made one for my gamer friend and it was phenomenal. I am yet to make another; I just need an appropriate situation.

HeadlessSparrow 20

"I want that cake cake cake cake cake cakee"......wrong kinda cake ?

it's testing your will power. don't drink it!

deepunder 17

It's a sign, drink it... Or resist. It's all up to u OP. u could also sell it for the good stuff... cookies.

Wine is disgusting anyway. Give it to a friend as a present!

Do you often give your friends "disgusting" things? Lol

Michael_92 20

I think you might be drinking the wrong wine because some is quite delicious.

Couldn't you ask to trade it for something else?

You could always use it as a decoration? Just get a cool wine rack and you're all set! And if you're worried about drinking it you could let your friends drink it for you and then you'd still have the bottle to say you won.

So why would a recovering alcoholic use a wine rack as a decoration again?

That's like being on a diet and having chips, soda, and cake on a rack for decoration. They won't serve their decorating purpose for very long.

That's not even a valid comparison. Who the **** would decorate with junk food? At least a wine rack looks classy, and you don't have to fill it with wine necessarily.

It was an example to show how it wouldn't be a smart idea since he's a recovering alcoholic. Not on whether people actually decorate with food. You think I don't know people don't decorate with food? It's not really necessary to nit-pick everything, you know?

People stuck in the '60's decorate with food. Those damn hippies!

Man, that's just bad luck. But kudos to you for trying to better yourself and I wish you the best of luck on your journey.