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  bluegoldfish  |  7

not really, lots of people get offended by swearing. and the whole "it's just a word, how can it hurt you?" argument is ridiculous, try applying that logic to phrases like "i'm pregnant", "i'm leaving you for my ex", "you're adopted", or even "i love you" and see how far you get. so yes, lots of people other than religious fanatics are bothered by swearing for reasons other than its religious significance.

and before the religion argument gets out of hand, everyone is entitled to their own beliefs EVEN IF you happen not to agree with some of them. and while religious fanatics are irritating, and the ones who expect that everyone should be of their faith and refuse to respect others' right to an opinion are even more so, there's nothing more annoying than a condescending atheist who thinks religion is for idiots and anyone who disagrees with him/her is stupid.

  iluvhobos  |  5

83, yes, and I don't give a shit. On a level, that person is right, however, I still believe words are words, and people need to relax about them because that is how the world is-swears, offensive derogatory terms, they're all over the place, and people (especially those over 21/18 depending on the place) should not be offended by someone yelling the word 'fuck' in shock and excitement.

  monzach  |  5

people don't get offended by words, they get offended by it's meaning, and furthermore it's disrespectful to swear anywhere in public regardless if it's a church or not


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