By mynameisnotdrew - 17/02/2009 17:19 - United States

Today, after some very passionate sex with my girlfriend, she exclaims "that was amazing Drew..." She quickly tried to turn "Drew" into my actual name which does not sound a thing like Drew. FML
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haha. shitsux, man.

haha!! mmmm this is unfortunately very funny O.o sorry xD

i'm really sorry bro - Drew

HAHA sup drew


You were destined to comment on this post, Drew.

Haha Succks dudee ! Dump the chick!

Ouch, it hurts!

Well maybe she meant you Drew her closer to.... Nope your life is f***ed.

perfect chance to get it on with that hottie at your office, without worries. Oh yeah, wrap it up with this sweetie pie of yours and get tested. See that, its the silver lining.

Lol @ # 17.

That's awful. I really feel for you. I propose that everyone named Drew you meet for the next week, you slap. You're bound to get him.

Shit, my name is drew

atleast she thought it was amazing