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Today, I went with my sister to her company Christmas party. They had a gift raffle, my number was called and I won $25 for a local restaurant. A few moments later, the manager came over and said, "You don't work here? You can't have that" and took it from me. FML
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And the problem with pretending it belonged to your sister was...?

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I would think they would've told you that before you entered the raffle.


And the problem with pretending it belonged to your sister was...?

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The party and prizes were for the employee's morale - not yours. Grow up OP.

thats when you get indignant and call him an anarchist, loudly so everyone can here.

if op bought raffle tickets, I think,she has the right to keep the prize.

Okay? You technically didn't lose anything. You are exactly where you started.

^ nice. don't be afraid to loose what you never had :)

yeah, something a person with no balls would say

when you were born u had nothing so can I please rob you're house? no. she was exited but then was robbed of her excitement ...................... bitch

67 - "when you were born you had nothing" "so can i please rob your house?" House==nothing. Plus, this raffle was meant for employees.

Makes sense... an office party is for the people who work there. An employee deserved to get the prize.

Then they should have told OP before letting him buy tickets

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I would think they would've told you that before you entered the raffle.

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another noodles in cup night :(

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Oh no! You're probably going to starve.

Just think of all the food from McDonald's dollar menu you can get with that 25 bucks!

not going to lie...I'd be really upset...I hate when things like this happen. if it weren't for bad luck, some of us would have no luck at all!

should have said it was your sisters number!

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Did anyone else read 'gift raffle' as 'giraffe'? If not, carry on.

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Oh the sweet, sweet smell of irony in the morning. ;-)

Her retarded what? Finish you sentence or write "you're" correctly when your trolling someone. :P Plus, seeing you picture, I think I know who's the most retarded between the two of you. hehe.

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The only thing after that was a period. Infer from that.

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This comment train may have been better than the FML.

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I didn't see this as being such a difficult question to answer. Even when I don't intend to, an argument erupts when I'm around.

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FFML its probably because you thought of something witty and clever and they didn't so they try to make a complete fool of you. I did think it said giraffe. And if this whole thing i just wrote actually made sence I would be dumbfounded. Thank You.

FFML_314 11

I work really hard to be witty and clever. Unappreciative, rotten bastards.

I'm an unappreciative and rotten bastard. By the way, cannot recall my first impressions of the OP sorry.

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Why is your picture a wolf? Team Jacob I assume?

Far, far off the mark. "Insanity Wolf", one of the bases of the image macros you may or may not have seen before.

The funny thing about 22 is that he typed 'you' instead of 'your' ;)

Party would have been better if there were a giraffe. I would know, cuz I was there

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FFML, I've told you this before. It's the sexual tension.

it's not wit, it's called dyslexia. you should check into that.

fk all the ppl who commented above me, who gives a shit wut u read it is wut it is. fk all these ppl who keep correcting spellin its nt a freakin oxford discussion page, fk all the smart asses who come here to laugh at ppl while their life is far worse, fk all these ppl who keep judging ppl even if its based only on a damn pic, reply to that dumbasses

FFML_314 11

Shut up, idiot. Learn how to sound intelligent and I'll learn how to not correct you and laugh at your dumbass.

Ok, you asked for it! 1) I find it ironic that you're calling everybody out as dumb-asses seeing that you're clearly ******* illiterate. 2) The whole point of Fmylife is for people to laugh at, sympathize with, and comment on people's misfortunes. 3) This may not be an Oxford discussion board, but what the **** happened to having standards and bare minimums? If you feel like arguing a point, at the very least you should show that you can read, write, and speak at just a little higher than a kindergartner's level of education...dumb-ass.

sound ??? so u just pretend to be smart while ur a stupid bitch, u see that cat nxt to thats the only thing ur gonna be living with, bitches die alone

#90 who the fk is askin or talkin to u? or are u just an ass who cant wait to "sound" smart. to make up for the emptyness in ur heart ur an idiot on the web and probably a moron in life. abt the spellin smarty pants im pointing out ppl who keep correcting it just let it ago everyone knows wut they ment

oh and #90 as for ur secound point thats like sayin the whole point of ur mum is to be fkd... think abt it

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You are really dumb. Which makes me really happy.

i seem to recall YOU making an open challenge to anyone on this thread to respond to your original comment. Now you want to get your panties in a twist when someone takes you up on it, huh? Do you also walk into bars, challenge people to fights, and then cry to the police after getting your ass handed to you? As for your comment about my mother, that's a schoolyard move, and I'm not going to dignify it. I'm not even going to point out the irony of YOU calling ME and idiot and a moron, while actually arguing IN FAVOR of people writing like they flunked out of grade school You get a gold star though, for trying to back that argument up, by actually sounding like YOU didn't pass the 2nd grade. Congratulations, you couldn't even bring a knife to this intellectual gun fight, could you? You had to be the retard who brought a wiffle-bat. Have a nice day...dumb-ass.

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I think (s)he understand the stupidity that they are putting forth, but it's for lack of caring. Some people live to be stupid. It's something we, the higher ups, have to learn to deal with, unfortunately.