By Anonymous - / Friday 28 December 2012 15:14 / Canada - Montreal
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  Laurenlou  |  24

Maybe OP and her boyfriend have been dating for a long time and the boyfriend actually wants a lifelong relationship? Maybe OP is leading him on and would rather break up than be committed for life? Or not. Just a suggestion.

  AndOtherDrugs  |  5

The OP already said no to the first engagement. Regardless of whether or not OP is leading him on, tricking her like that was obsessive and plain weird. I'd personally feel uncomfortable and victimized.

  Laurenlou  |  24

OP's boyfriend didn't get her drunk. SHE did that. And if SHE is leading him on, it's her fault that this happened. OP's boyfriend may have also been drunk, which would very much explain why he put pictures on Facebook. It sounds like OP is leading him on and he isn't obsessive, but serious about the relationship.

  redsoxgrl824  |  11

She may just not want to get married at this time if not at all but still want to be with her boyfriend. That is not an uncommon thing. Don't say OP is leading the boyfriend on, we do not know the whole story. Good luck OP my boyfriend put a ring on it but I chose it, hope things get straightened out for you.

  hugsandisses  |  6

117 - her boyfriend WAITED for her to get drunk which kind of insinuates that he was sober. also, since we're assuming, why can't we just assume that OP and her boyfriend have been in a relationship for a long time but they're only 18 and OP doesn't want to get married yet? i mean, we can come up with a whole bunch of assumptions.

  Beeftinkle  |  13

See... It doesn't apply, you tards thumbed me and everyone else down in the previous fml about drinking, when we said drunk talk does not equal sober thoughts, and once again its obvious proof that it does not.


Wait a minute 93, people thumbing you down is proof that they are wrong? Why do you waste time finding out if people are thumbing you down. Doesn't that make YOU the (in your words) tard?

I personally don't see any way to prove the drunk words/sober thought thing as either true or not true, but I wouldn't waste my time calling people names because they disagree and thumbed me down. (Just so you know... I don't check, so feel free to thumb me!)

By  warrior1995  |  15

You shouldn't stand for that you should probably break up with him. Because if he waits till you are drunk to ask you to marry him just so he is sure you will say yes, imagine what else he might try to do while you are drunk ...

  AlexM42  |  5

True, however it's possible that he was also drunk, which is why he decided to propose again even after his previous failure. I personally haven't ever proposed to anyone, however I would imagine it's pretty crushing when they say no. This is of course all assuming that he was also intoxicated... If he wasn't then I agree that OP should break up with him.

  TheDrifter  |  23

Drunks are fully capable of posting Facebook pics, the site is full of half dressed, highly intoxicated college kids. I say ask him what he remembers before doing anything drastic.

  Callyn  |  44

No, it really doesn't. Alcohol lowers your inhibitions and makes it harder to not just do the first thing that comes to mind. She didn't want to marry him while sober and she didn't want to marry him while she was drunk, she just didn't think things through the second time.

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