By tinydancer - 10/05/2012 18:10 - United States - Richmond

Today, I went to a party dressed as a zombie. Everyone admired my hilarious "zombie dancing". Those were my regular dance moves. FML
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justmethough 8

You can walk the zombie walk, but can you talk the zombie talk? Eeeeeuuuuahrhghy Braaaaaiinnnnss

just wait until thriller comes on and go crazy. then you'll have an excuse.

italiancows 8

LOL! Remember when that song was the most popular song ever known to man? Wow good times... Amd kids even listen to ti these days too! (I was on my 12 year olds ipod touch and found the song in her secret folder)!!!

65 - you have a twelve year old and you're only 18 ... how did you manage to do that ?

Ya just go with it and every time you go to parties just wear the costume and zombie dance man.

65, I remember when the Backstreet Boys did a zombie video. Yay, 90's kids!

65- iPods don't have secret folders

italian_cows 4

74- twelve year old SISTER!

italian_cows 4

79- Theres an app for that!

You don't say they are and you don't say your joking. Just laugh and don't say anything when they ask.

1215116a 14

You dance with your arms straight out?

Da_Bauss435 8

and gnawing on someone's head while she's at it

When you dance, you're supposed to have fun. Zombies have no expressions.

Everyone knows that zombies have the best moves!

Nightwing98 22

The Dancing Dead? I smell a spin-off!

Well let's look at what we have achieved. People admire your dancing and you can zombie dance. So if there is a zombie apocalypse you can dance your way to safety through the hordes of the undead.

An excellent compliment for both of you, my good sirs

I have no rhythm. I can't even dance like a zombie.

perdix 29

You probably ought to limber up a bit before you go dancing. YDI for taking dance lessons at the Uptight White Guy School of Dance. Didja learn the overbite on Day One?

And here I thought you'd, instead, make a comment about the OP sounding like Elaine from Seinfeld.(:

perdix 29

Nah, Enslaved, zombies can't do the thumbs and kicks with such spastic flare. A full-body dry heave, I believe her dance has been described.

Apparently OP could learn a lot from me.

Haha, 28. I saw that we posted at the same time, talking about Seinfeld. I never watched the show until recently. Now I know what everyone is talking about. :P Living under a rock is not fun!

renrooo 2

At least it made you look good as your character