By cai - 29/10/2011 08:56 - United States

Today, my boyfriend finally proposed to me. He was drunk and won't remember any of this tomorrow. FML
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omgthatsosuppera 4

Keep the ring and he'll buy another one

If he had a legit ring, maybe he has the intention to propose in the future. All hope is not lost.


omg_a_BALLOON 0


That is going to be quite a story.

Did you say yes?

zakkyzebra 11

Trap him when you can!

-when OP's bf is sober- Fuck, I proposed to the wrong GF

its amazing how OP can see the future

blackheart24 10

Sounds like a healthy relationship haha.

Quick! Do a Vegas style wedding and he won't be able to deny it!!

Borrow $1,000 from him.

omgthatsosuppera 4

Keep the ring and he'll buy another one

He was drunk when he proposed. He might not have meant it and the OP never mentioned a ring. Maybe he just got down on one knee and asked.

hollisterfreak52 1

Just dont mention any of it tommorow

Lol keep the ring and tomorrow say, "I can't wait to marry you babe!" See his reaction ;) and if you didn't get a ring, buy one and pretend he gave it to you and say the same thing! Lol jk thats so fucked up :P

If he had a legit ring, maybe he has the intention to propose in the future. All hope is not lost.

Maybe he used the beer bottle...

swimchica22 0

Or he stole his mothers ring O.o

Or he stole my mothers ring

nollid7 5

Drunk words are sober thoughts. Of course he wants to marry you OP, but of course you might have to keep him drunk for your entire marriage, sorry ^_^

You should of said no since he is obviously drunk.

Yesterday, I proposed to my girlfriend. She thought I was drunk and wasn't serious so wouldn't remember it, so she said no. I was serious. FML

Thats a different situation( im sorry to hear that) but in her case he was drunk.

Woah liquidSELECT .... It's like my to favorite things together SeleCt and team liquid! :D ?(???;)?=3=3=3

67-i am part of liquid team:D

No your not :P

flockz 19

when he got on one knee did he tip over?

nice boyfriend.. or fiance lol

Keep the ring on your finger. Show him the following day and just watch his facial reaction. Like #4 said, if there is a ring he has the mind set to propose… so congrats OP

KittyJay 3

I think he had the mindset... Allegedly when your drunk, you do and say things you secretly want to do when you are sober.

iFizzgig 11

Should have taped it, you said no though, right?

Should have recorded it

It doesn't matter of you're married or not you still love each other, marriage is pointless really.

The FML is about how disappointed OP is that her bf proposed while drunk, not sober. I think she'd like to get married and obviously doesn't think that marriage is "pointless". I don't think marriage is pointless either. Your comment on the other hand...

zuzupetalsYO 11

I agree with #11-marriage is pointless-that is if OP marrys this drunk someday.

Who says he's a drunk? People get drunk all the time without being alcoholics.

I guess your not married?

What I'm saying is OP shouldn't be disappointed because marriage is pointless, and should concentrate on strengthening their relationship by other meant than marriage(one of which could be getting drunk with their boyfriend)

Getting drunk together is strengthening their relationship? You must have shitty relationships. And once again I say marriage is pointless to YOU. To most people, it is not.

Can I point out I was joking when I said getting drunk with him


When you're drunk, you seem to be under a truth serum. He might not remember, but he's proposing to you while he's f*cked up out of his mind.... And I find that pretty romantic.

Drunk= empty promises