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Today, as a 1 year anniversary present, my boyfriend let me see and wear my engagement ring. He then made me give it back at the end of the day. FML
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Yeah he needs to get it back to his wife before she notices it missing.

Are you serious? Next time he's horny, show him the promise land, and when he asks for a taste, gladly close it back up with a smile on your face...


KingGeorgeGal 12

**** that; Don't give it back; Sell it and leave him.

littlemissFYL 5

this FML reminds me of that woman who sold her ex husbands car for a few bucks on like eBay or something D:

Leave him because of a cheap present? Seems a little harsh...

At least you know he wants to marry you, he just wants the right time and place. A bit teasing I grant you but at least he loves you in his weird taking engagement rings away ways.

enonymous 8

Did it have a Kazoo in it? if not then it's for the best.

so he hasn't proposed yet but he just has the ring laying around for u to randomly wear on ur anniversary? makes no sense..that sort of ruins the element of surprise

He gave it to you to wear so you know that he wants to marry you! Maybe he's just not ready to propose?

lbumbblebee 5

Timing is important to him, and like everyone else said above.. atleast you know that he plans to marry you

anon2468 0

probably wants to save it just in case he gets married again...forget him

zacharytk72 5

For his present, you should have seduced him all day and then stopped at the end of the night and then fallen asleep :)

It's also called a period. Use one?

27: Are you not sure if he should use one? Instead of a question mark there is something called a period. It is used after statements. Use one.

27 you should really listen to 40. Learn how to use interrogation marks before you say shit.

Apart from the spelling errors...... I don't think it makes him cheap, he might not be ready. It could've been him just showing her the ring he's going to use.

Yeah, but why would he do that? Is it not supposed to be a surprise? Not, "Look honey, here's an engagement ring! Now give it back. You might get it again later."

Alot of women really want to get married...there have been plenty of fmls posted about how the girl "done waiting" for their boyfriend to give them a ring. He might be worried she'll become like that, so he thought showing her he does want to marry her, but isn't ready yet would be a good gift. It's not a bad thought, but that's a not really a gift.

a_nutritionist 10

cheap vs idiot who cant spell the word lose. well ladies, its your call...

I love how everyone has glossed over the fact that 20, in an attempt to be a 'spelling nazi', has misspelled the word 'spelled'. it is not spelt.

guckylynn 19

76, there are places other than the United States, and often in those places there are different spellings and words for things. Ours is not the only country in the world, and American English is a very bastardized language.

27: You're telling number 20 to use a period when you should be using one as a command. I'm going into 6th grade and I know this.

@Any one who commented about me. Are you all due tomorrow? Honestly, it was more of a "Will you use it?" type of Q-U-E-S-T-I-O-N. Definitely not a COMMAND or DEMAND. Are all of you really THAT stupid?

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Dear 102, if you wish to not look like a loser I suggest being quiet. It's up to you though.

Uhm, because I pointed out how these idiots don't seem to be able to wrap their minds around the fact there was no DEMAND made, so I was STILL very much in the correct? LOL Okay then. //sigh. Tis so sad FML does not have emoticons.

* 'Tis See that thing at the top? It's an apostrophe. Use one.

Her question mark is completely valid. Calm down.

Yeah he needs to get it back to his wife before she notices it missing.

haha that's hilarious and probably true... why would he have a ring if he wasn't going to propose?

he could be planning something big, but it is not something that op should break up with him for.

GreenMaze 0

or give it back to the ring renting store

wow that sucks... that's pretty cruel and cheap of your boyfriend... he couldn't even get you an actual present?? You shouldn't have given it back to him : P

LOL! What?!??!??!!!! He shows you...and lets you wear it for a day....but didn't ask and make it official? What other perfect opportunity was he waiting for?

And in here, you're using way too many periods, question marks & exclamation marks. I am referring to the comment you made to 20.

LOL. You are so stupid. You will reply (Maybe not now that I've said it). But, if you really care that much about a stranger online, go outside!!!

Just to inform you, before you make another stupid comment. It is called an E-L-L-I-P-S-I-S. You can use it in many different ways, I obviously used it as a pause. I'm sorry you are too stupid to have realized this.

lilmisslovely13 15

she was probably refering to the fact that you had a lot of exclamation points and question marks. you decided to be a grammar nazi, you contradicted yourself, this is your doing (not anyone elses) so don't go around calling people stupid.

And in here, you're using way too many periods, question marks & exclamation marks. I am referring to the comment you made to 20. #48 - On 07/20/2011 at 2:38am by RaineLee She SAID periods dumbass. The question marks and exclamation marks are OBVIOUSLY for emphasis. I'm so sorry you did not understand.

bettyc4 26

my 18K white gold diamond and sapphire ring is BETTERRRRRR!!!!!!! XD rdc

KingGeorgeGal 12

Wow, shallow. It shouldn't be the price/style of the ring that matters, it should be your love for one another. If my boyfriend had given me an onion ring, I still would have married him in a second. As it is, he bought me a totally simple 9c gold band with a small diamond, because I love it.

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Typically, if a couple break up, the lady returns the engagement ring to the man. Its common etiquette. SO if she did break up with him and take the ring then she would be doing a much, much bigger dick-move than he was. Plus, why break up with him over it? He's ready to commit. Chances are he hasn't paid it off fully and just wants to keep it safe. Little harsh. It actually scares me how many people suggest breaking up a relationship on here over minor, silly or accidental infractions. Have any of these people actually been in a relationship ever?

You know what really sucks, when I was in the moderation section there was a girl who posted that her husband was leaving her because of the advice he got to do so on here. Throwing that around when someone is upset can clearly push them to do it, and alot of these reasons are really dumb to break up over.

I'm pretty sure that would be considered theft.

a_nutritionist 10

@64 anyone who listens to advice about ending a relationship from people on fml kinda had it coming. if youre in a relationship with said person, you dodged a bullet.

Iknoweverything 29

Yeah, there are cases where people take their significant others to court over a ring... technically, if it's an engagement ring, the ring is a result of a contract. Therefore, if you break up an engagement, you have to give back the ring if he asks for it. using that logic... that was honestly a shitty thing for her boyfriend to do... "let" her wear an engagement ring? Personally, I think he's toying with her. Getting an engagement ring is supposed to be a magical moment, and to me it's just like letting a child play with a special toy if they behave.

lulututu 4

Actually, it depends on the state you are in. Some say the ring is a gift, and some say it is part of a contract.

"Today, my BF clogged the toilet. FML 'OMG BREAK UP WITH HIM GOD THAT'S SO GROSS!'" You mean like that?

Iknoweverything 29

Wow 93, I love being corrected by what someone assumes I'm insinuating something. I'm well aware it depends on the state. I'm also well aware that regardless of the state, the court can decide either way, depending on how the case is argued. I was making a generalization, but if you wish to correct specifics, I guess I can't stop you. Law may be exact, but it is easily manipulated as well.

Lol now hes gonna go propose to someone else :D double marriage ooo weee

MerrikBarbarian 9

finically and from a labor distribution point of view, polygamous marriages make a lot of sense when you stop and think about them. :p

ReynshineCutting 10

From an ethical and moral standpoint, polygamy couldn't be any more wrong.

emmiep1011 7

at least you know he has one. you'll get it eventually. maybe.