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Today, my boyfriend proposed to me by tossing the ring at me and saying "Here, wear this." FML
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enonymous 8

He had me at STFU bitch and put it on

ximeldax 0

hmm.. it would look quite nice on my middle finger.


enonymous 8

He had me at STFU bitch and put it on

Well, did you say yes? I'm very confused trying to figure this out.

enonymous 8

If anyone gives you a ring pop or Kazoo or those candy whistle rings you ******* say yes

I would have tossed him a thong and said: "no, you wear this."

it's nice to know that he wants to marry you, but for sure he needs to learn how to be romantic

enonymous 8

Give me a thong then... or did you want me to provide my own? I have it bedazzled and painted it with a glow in the dark paint

-32 I can put some firework shots on it. For when the big moment comes.

littlemissFYL 5

*37, what would you know about 'a big moment'? you can't get any bigger with that hand of yours.

-58 When you participate in a 5 way, you come to learn about these things.

enonymous 8

Size doesn't matter!! And I like his idea. I also would require for a iPod nano with speakers built in so I could clench my ass and play some music

-61 Ehh you'd have to chip "in" if you catch my drift.

Osito2011 9

I don't know what you guys are talking about but that was the most romantic shit I have ever heard

That's actually a pretty cool way to propose to someone...

I'd only say yes if the ring pop was blue raspberry, if the botch gives me cherry we're done. wow I'm heartless I need pizza

MissBoo101 0

I don't think it's that bad I mean if she just puts in on then realizes what it is I think it's kind of cute I mean if when she realizes what it is and they both hug and stuff I think its cute

Him throwing the ring at her and saying "Here, wear this" is far from cute. I'm not one who think the guy needs to go all out or be super romantic when they propose, but you definately shouldn't just toss it at her and expect her to tear up with joy. I would toss it right back at him and not get engaged to him for a while after that, if ever. It just seems like a "here's your ring now shut up" kinda moment to me.

Jownz345 3
Jownz345 3

that's what I thought. To me, "romantic" is simple, and funny. a guy would never win me over with a sterotypical romantic dinner and an on the knee proposal.

lbumbblebee 5

I actually like how he proposed.. is different and honestly the whole down on one knee thing is a lil overdone lol.

Reminds me of the time my ex threw the Cloak of Invisibility to me right before we made love and said "Here, wear this." :) ...wait a minute... :O

Better than being proposed to with a joke :P Here is how my proposal went: him: You know the way we were talking about maybe getting married some day? me: Yea? him: And you said "no ring no answer" me: Yea, but you know I was kidding. him: Okay, well, how about this ring? [brings out box, opens it, inside is a napkin ring, the type that look like comically large engagement rings for engagement parties] me: Oh you're so funny, haha! You ass! him: Okay, okay, what about this one then? [gets out proper ring] me: Wha-?

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op's boyfriend is such a romantic

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Well atleast he proposed to you. It may of not been the way you wanted it to be, but he did.

leochow9 4

The OP presumably would've known that her boyfriend wasn't the romantic-gestures type. I find his approach delightfully unconventional, though, and much more of a "surprise proposal" than getting down on one knee -- making it romantic in its own way.

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There are other ways to propose spontaneously WITHOUT throwing the ring at the maybe-future-bride!

and op will probably say yes and then always complain about how unromantic her husband is as if she didn't know from the start

maz255 10

op: (puts on strap-on) here suck this

that's not remotely romantic no matter how unconventional a person is, you loon.

How about you just punch him in the face and say "Feel this. Oh, and the answer was yes."

0D0R0 4

How about he beats the sh*t out of her after she punched him?

138 - Just wait until the pet dog gets involved...

That's when you toss it back and go "Here, wear this. up your åss."

You fell for him ever since he told you to make a damn sammich

MeRcixXxTRiPp 0

toss him a bone and say here's dinner

ximeldax 0

hmm.. it would look quite nice on my middle finger.

I wear rings on my penis.. FFFFFUUUUUU

op, you shouldve been like, "WTF is this?!" and feel the awkward moment shine.

If you were hoping for a romantic husband, it might be better to decline his proposal.

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obviously he doesn't if he throws a ring at her, dumbass.

No 52 it seems YOU are the dumbass...

he may know what he wants, but not how to get it.

chocolatechocha 8

hold up your middle finger and say "shove this". pawn the ring and buy something pretty.

gotta be careful about selling engagement rings, in some cases the man is entitled to the ring back if the wedding is called off. if the ring was sold (and normally for less than face value) you can be in trouble. no need op to jump the gun and end up in a worse of position than she is.