By Anon - 28/12/2012 08:14 - United States - Southbury

Today, I was racing my friends to the car for shotgun in the parking lot at night. I opened the passenger door of the car to find an old lady staring at me. It was the wrong car. FML
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perdix 29

Good thing the only shotgun she had was the seat. Otherwise, you might be picking birdshot out of your ass for weeks, if not pushing up daisies.


How could you possibly have messed up that bad...

Wishez 12

If the car he meant to go to was the same make and color, it could easily look identical. I am sure that mistake has been made plenty of times in the past, not just by OP.

Hiimhaileypotter 52

One time my boyfriend and I went to the movies with my grandparents. After it was over, me and him went out to wait for them in their car. I didn't have the keys but I had the code to the keypad on the door. It didn't work and I tried to open all the doors in annoyance. A few minutes later, my grandparents came out and headed to an identical car in the next row. :| I felt so dumb! (Just showing how it's possible to mistake vehicles)

I actually got into a similar car and sat down before realizing it wasn't my car. Funny thing is, my key opened the door.

I've done it before. Once, after orchestra practice I walked outside and saw my mothers car. I walked up, and jiggled the handle, but it wouldn't open, so I thought she locked me out, I violently shook it to mess with her. Then I looked inside, and saw two strangers staring at me. I walked away as quickly as possible.

iiAntheA17 7

I'm sure she would let you sit on her lap.

nycwrestler 17
Wishez 12

There is a more than average chance she would sooner call the cops.

Obviously, it just wasn't funny. Not all sarcasm, even when realized, gets thumbed up

iiAntheA17 7

Yes. I just wrote what I thought was funny. A simple opinion. It's okay that people didn't think it was funny.

Exactly 42. Even Perdix and docbastard get buried because not everything is as funny to everyone else as it was in our heads. There is no shame in being buried, and there is no shame in liking a buried comment. There really isn't a big point to state someone's sarcasm. If you noticed it, chances are almost everyone else did too. And if you are the only one, its either an extremely obscure reference, something went over your head, or you just read to deep into something.

No, it was an honest mistake, and it seems like he's still a kid.

Looks like OP will be riding in the backseat

Jesus, people! Lighten up! I'm sure you've probably made ONE stupid mistake in your life too.

perdix 29

Good thing the only shotgun she had was the seat. Otherwise, you might be picking birdshot out of your ass for weeks, if not pushing up daisies.

Where I live, this might've ended very badly.

biglittlehead 12

This reminds me of borderlands 2 when claptrap says "how would you like a face full of buckshot!"

It would be understandable if she had the same car... Otherwise you're just stupid.

And all your friends followed you and screamed. You win! You win! Hugging and cheering you.

I think atleast one of them would have noticed that OP was in the wrong car.

Yes, fails tend to wash up quite frequently on FML

Is having the front passenger seat really that important? At least the old lady didn't beat the crap out of you.

no, it's not really that important. it's just a fun game to play

For highschoolers it's a big deal. Car must be within sight to call shotty.. if there are four passengers to a small car along with the driver, the last person to call out their spot must ride bitch. That's the middle seat.

OrangeKnife 10

To make the story funnier you should've just stared at her for a few seconds and look around her car like nothing happened. :|