By mimo - 14/11/2008 04:16 - France
Today, I ate at a friend's house. Her 5-year-old son, who was at the table with us, looked at me and said quietly, "You're ugly." My friend told him off, causing him to cry, and shout, "But she isn't pretty!" FML
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  nutbiscuit  |  0

agreed. Tell him that santa isn't real, or even better - tell him that santa hates him.
I hate children like that, they always end up turning into brats and bullies at school.

By  kalebb  |  0

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  crownlogic  |  25

It's not getting back at a kid by having the mother tell him he was wrong. It's also not OP's place to tell another person's child off, especially if that person is right there and capable of telling her own kid.