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Today, my boyfriend of 4 years proposed to me. I said yes and he gave me an engagement ring. He immediately went to call his mom to tell her the happy news. After the phone call, he asked if he could return the ring because his mom needed money. FML
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Oi. That sucks. But hey, it's okay. It's just a ring. It's not like he took back his proposal.


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haha awwe :{ he cant help it his mom needs $$ though.

i seriously hope you gave him the ring back. its not like he took his proposal back.

YDI for living in the slum's and dating greasy boyfriends who cant afford rings

Totally. To me, it seems pretty obvious that unless she's a total crack head and doesn't realizes, there's NO WAY this happened by accident. The mom's sudden need for money is suspicious.

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does one need a ring to be married?

No, I don't think she should give the ring back! That was a huge moment in her life, and I think it is incredibly selfish of her to take that moment away. My boyfriend got 500 dollars for graduation, and he let his mom hold on to 200 of it (because he doesn't have a bank account) and he still hasn't got the money. **** the mom.

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selfish to take 'her moment away'? The moment should be the whole marriage/being together.

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Well, hm, I guess in my ex's case his mom just lacked the instinct when it came to him, since she was willing to steal for her other son. Man I feel bad for him.

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What? Seriously? She needs the money. Everybody does.

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The mom could have chosen a better time though, really. That's what makes it fishy. It was HER moment. I don't think I could honestly say that I would give the ring back right then either. At that point it was hers because it was a gift; how could you expect for a gift that you gave to be returned to you? It doesn't make her selfish or materialistic.

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taking the ring away isn't taking away the engagement or the marriage that they will have, and he can get another less expensive ring. OP needs to stop bitching, because she's still engaged and her mother-in-law needs the money. where i come from, mother-in-law means family, and when your family is need, you help them. sorry, OP, but i don't really have any sympathy for you

I think it depends on the reason, if she sincerely is in a bad way and needs some cash I would give it up no problem. But if she did drugs/gambled or we were always handing her money then no. What if she is constantly asking everyone for money but refuses to get a job, playing the I raised you card. Sorry, but I would have no pity for her and I would tell them to find another way besides taking back a ring from a memorable day in my life. Personally, I am one of those people that hears someone got engaged but there is no ring and I don't consider it a legitimate engagement. I have seen too many people wait months and years being "engaged" and never getting a wedding, because the bf really isn't serious.

Oi. That sucks. But hey, it's okay. It's just a ring. It's not like he took back his proposal.

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It's still f*cked up...I wouldn't return my engagement ring for anything in this world! My husband suggested I sell it because I still have my wedding band and we could use the money for my visa to the US and that he'd get me another ring later down the line. I didn't want to do that though, even if he got me another ring because there's also emotional value to my engagement ring that cannot be replaced. I want the actual ring he proposed to me with, not one that just looks like it.

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At leat he cares about his mom. Sorry about losing your ring, though.

You know, most guys don't get that it is the thought that counts. If it looks nice and only costs 50 instead of 200 bucks, most girls are okay with that. So I am told. =)

if you spend 200 on an engagement ring you're cheap

nobody cares if your life actually sucks. we are just here for a laugh.

No you're not. I would be happy with any ring as long as it reflects my personality. I would be so stoked about getting married (because thats what counts) than care about an expensive ring. Some people can't afford over $200, and there's nothing wrong with that.

Actually he called her after he proposed. It isn't stated if he was able to tell her the good news for one thing, for all we know she might have jumped straight to the point before he could say it. Another thing is if she did know then I doubt she said anything about selling the ring. My impression from the FML is he called her, she told him bad shit is going on and she's financially troubled, for all we know it could be major, so he saw the quickest thing that could bring back easy money would be to return the ring. Correct me if I'm wrong _______________________________

It depends on the person. If someone has a mansion and three cars and pays 200$ for a ring then he is definitely cheap. If someone is struggling but saves up to buy someone a 200$ ring then I don't think it's cheap at all. I've seen a ring that's 1k and one that's 12k and they are both very beautiful and very shiny.

I agree with #3 at least he is a guy that cares for his family

Ouch. But at least he's not spending the money on booze or hookers though. :)

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Why? It's not like his mother choose to need money. Or are you just trolling..? x_x It's kind of sweet that he'd take back a ring for his fiancee for his mother. A hell of a lot of children wouldn't do that. ._.

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I don't think it's trolling. I think it's completely inappropriate to ask that of her son, instead of being happy about the engagement, ask for the ring. It's kind of disgusting.

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I don't think the mother asked for the ring, just that she needed money.

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I don't think OP wants to **** her boyfriend's mom......

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I think it's sweet he wants to help his mother. You're still engaged even though you don't have a ring.

Him taking the ring back doesn't signify the proposal ending. If he's willing to do that for his own family, think about what he would be willing to do for you once you're a part of it.

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I think the person who gave birth to and cared for him for 18 or so years would be higher on the ladder than a girl he knew for 4 years. It's just a ring and you're still getting married so get over it.

Engagement rings don't "show a woman you love her" the act of asking her to marry him is showing him he loves her. It's an inanimate object. He doesn't not love you, but I really think helping family out when there is a problem is more important than having something sparkly on your finger.

There might not be a problem. I know mothers who say they "need" money because they can't afford cigarettes and a sky-high mortgage. People need to cut back on spending and learn to live without. Asking for your son to give you money because you can't figure out a budget is unacceptable, especially when he now has his own family to support. On the other hand, if she was working hard and not spending her money on stupid things, and then an emergency came up, it's fine to ask for money. These situations are rare though.

I agree, #172. I think this sudden mention of needing money right as he mentions the engagement is highly suspicious. She maybe did truly need money... to go spend at the mall while laughing about having screwed over her daughter-in-law. XD Or maybe she did truly truly need money for a coincidence of an emergency right then... that's what we don't know from the FML. What we do know is that she did manipulate the son pretty easily...

I don't think it's so much about the ring as it is about it's sentimental value. Sure she can get another. But this ring was special not because of ring itself but because he proposed with it. I have few things I wouldn't give up. Not because they would be valuable in cash but because they have huge sentimental value for me. And they definitely aren't "just items" to me nor would I want them to be replaced even by exactly same ones.

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That's a really good point. And at least her proposed to her!

It's not that so much as, the mom didn't like the marriage news (why didn't he know anything about her needing money before, and suddenly she claims that), disapproves of the marriage and wanted to be a b*tch to her future daughter in law. The son is dumb enough that the mom can manipulate him that easily in screwing over his fiancee without him seeing how obvious it was. All in all, OP's life is f**ked, she's marrying a moron with a manipulative b*tch of a mother who makes him do whatever she pleases.

Maaaaybe. There's a chance it's true. But there's a BIG chance the truth is more like "Oh no, mom doesn't likes the idea of me marrying this girl and wants to take the ring from her!" If it was this, him falling for it makes him weak and dumb, not honest and caring.

Yes, that could be true, but we don't know for sure. I assumed it was a situation of dire financial need, and the son helped his mom... as opposed to his mom being a cold, manipulative cuntrag.

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That's what I thought too. As sad as it might be when it first happens to you, I think you need to realize what it really means. :)

Or maybe 83 she is a nazi who eats puppies and rapes babies, then it would an fml for the boyfriend. But seriously, your guessing too much stuff and acting like it's fact.

And you don't think it's a bit obvious that the son would have known already about the mom's problems if that wasn't a lie? She never mentioned anything until he told her he'd get married. What a surprising coincidence... I think it's pretty obvious the mom manipulated him easily. Whether she did so because she truly needed money or because she hates the daughter in law, that's the one thing that we don't know.