By brokeandsingle - 29/01/2012 09:55 - United Kingdom

Today, I finally made the last payment on the beautiful engagement ring I bought and proposed with - two years ago. To my ex-girlfriend, who said no and promptly started sleeping with one of my friends. FML
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Well you can always keep it and give it to the right girl!

Well at least it's out of your life now!


Well at least it's out of your life now!

Got that bitch a ring. Bitches love rings. Or not..

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Argh bitch. Sorry OP , ah well everything happens for a reason. She didn't deserve the ring anyway :)

She probably has CBD (Chronic Bitch Disorder). One in every 12 women have it.

One in every 12? More like one in every 3.

You can't turn a hoe into a house wife!

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Or a house wife into a hoe.. No wait nvm. I think you can >:L

Well you can always keep it and give it to the right girl!

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Just hope that bitch catches and STD. What she did wasn't right. Sorry bro. Keep that shit for the right girl.

What the hell is wrong with this world. Anytime I go on FML and read about relationships. I lose more and more faith in them.

Just keep the ring till u find the right girl. I'm pretty sure if it was that expensive then it should be nice enough for someone else

@64: "It's... your... middle name?" *awkward grin*

36- Don't you think that fml might be a skewed perspective of humanity.

I concur with the one comment. Sweetie she may have hurt you but just know there is someone out there for you. So keep the ring and when it's the right girl and you are ready. Give the proposal another try.

Wouldn't it be a bit awkward to give an engagement ring to someone when you had specially picked it out for someone else though?

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Well....considering that this is a site for times when your life is terrible and you wish to let other people know about these terrible circumstances then, you can't really base the success of relationships on this site cause it wouldnt be an fml if everything was working great...

My first to-be wife did the same thing. I kept the ring, traded it in for a much larger and nicer one for my now wife. Even got more for it than originally paid. And the ex knew I did and wasn't to thrilled. Satisfaction x2

Do not give a girl an engagement ring you bought for your ex... no girl would like that.

Same thing happened to me OP, however she said no because it wasn't the type of ring meant for your fingers... Either way she still took it and is now using it with my best friend. :-(

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Pussy!! Should have taken that shit back.

Woah woah woah we are forgetting the fact that she started sleeping with one of his friends! That 'friend' is just as shitty as her

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Huh. I was referring to the post before mine. Would never let another man use My **** ring. That's almost like *******.

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You can take the hoe outta the hood, but you can't take the hood out of the hoe....

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Tell me about it! Especially when they have an extra bowl of Bitchy-o's from breakfast!

At least you have the ring, if the need arises.

Sell it, use the money to buy a cheap hooker, extract STDs in a vile from said hooker's cooter, and spread STDs on toilet seats in your ex's house. Payback accomplished.

Sounds like you know from experience...?

*Backs away slowly, then runs out of back door*

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Be really awkward if once you were done spreading it in her house you had to poop more then you've ever had to poop before.

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U can't get stds from a toilet seat -_- unless u have an open cut on ur thigh Which would be unlikely

Or some other sort of opening around your upper legs... But that is an absurd thing to say about a female human being... Who would have one? Every female on the face of the earth; thats who. It's called a ******. Read some books.

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^ From the sounds of that comment, you are the one not worth while. There are plenty out there. You just have to pull your head out the clouds and look for them.

Slow the **** down you are 16 years old and you hate women? Because you have sooo much experience right? This would be like me saying most men are horrible selfish cheating jerks just because of my past experience. It's not true. So don't talk out of your ass.

Women are like parking spaces, all the good ones are taken and only the handicapped are free..

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Read his bio. He says he doesn't have a soul. That's why he is bitter.

This from a 16 year old boy? Bahahahahahahaaa!!!

16 years old and you think you know everything about woman? There are plenty of good ones out there but high school is rarely a good place to find them. If you hate us so much then you might as well go gay.

I've been with my wife for 15 years and barely know anything about women!

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Wow this guy depresses me. I've been dumped over and over and cheated on twice and I still feel looking for the right girl is worth the effort. Don't judge all women because of a few horrible people. Cheer up man. It's only high school.

I get where your coming from so i wont get all emotional and angry like the rest of the people replying.

^ oh shut the **** up you are 17 for ***** sake. What is wrong with you people?

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^ This my friends is a classic case of douchebag.

48- No my friend, he is just a mere dumbass. What this smart guy needs is a cookie! *laces cookie with rat poison and gives it to 10*

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You couldn't take it back to the jewelry store? Oh well, the next girl you give it to will appreciate it and you won't be in debt because of it.

I don't belive your supposed to give a ring that was ment for you ex to your fiance. Idk i just heard that was a BIG no-no with women

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I'm sure he wouldn't TELL his new fiancé he bought it for his ex.

Im sure it would arise in conversation. Plus the ring is a symbol of love. Simply saving the ring for "the right women" is kind of... Idk how to say it.. But cheap? Plus if op gets a girl, he already has a ring. So its almost like a motivation to rush into things. Anybody else agree?

Or if you couldn't return the ring, u could have always sold it

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He does live in the UK might be different there.

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Meh, the ex had the decency to say no before whoring around. Id say this guys worse.

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-"Honey, will you marry me?" -"yes!" -"I love, you! By the way, the first payment is on the 24th okay?" Yeah, just doesn't work like that