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Today, while my girlfriend was playing a game on my phone, an unknown number sent me a nude picture and the words "Miss you, baby." This person's mistake just cost me a black eye, and probably my relationship too. FML
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Wrong number text eh? Be easy to prove if you have a call history on your phone, show her that

That happened to me once, thankfully boyfriend wasn't there and it was also of a female so if he were there he probably wouldn't have been that mad.


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Sillydeadperson 17

You don't know anything about this person. How can you be sure that this wasn't a mistake?

You don't know anything about sarcasm! How can you be so sure they really thought that?

I wonder if he kept the nude picture... Am I the only one thinking that?

At least the OP got a nude photo out of the deal.

Just try to explain what happened to her, hopefully she'll understand it was a mistake.

spekledworf 18

Honestly, it's not something that's believable. My ex had pictures of other women on his phone and claimed it was his brothers that were using his phone. While I never accused him of cheating over it, I still never believed it.

Yeah they could just look at the area code if they made a mistake

Werken247 14

If she punched you, dump her! The abuse will only get worse. Then hook up with the girl that sent the nude pic, she's lonely and sounds like a whole lot more fun!

Wrong number text eh? Be easy to prove if you have a call history on your phone, show her that

conqueror57 11

Better yet, a phone bill. On-phone call/text logs can be deleted.

That happened to me once, thankfully boyfriend wasn't there and it was also of a female so if he were there he probably wouldn't have been that mad.

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The first comment is saying as she is straight her boyfriend would have understood it was a wrong number. You are a disgusting cheater and you should be dumped. You can't get away with cheating because of the gender of the person...

If I had a girlfriend I absolutely trusted and she asked and talked to me about it and cleared she just wanted to experiment and that she wasn't having a relationship with this other girl and I knew and trusted the other girl, I would agree as long as I could watch. Not to make sure how far they went, just to enjoy the view. That's just me, and if she just did it off of a whim and didn't tell me about it, it would be no different from cheating. But everybody's different

jem970 19

So its ok if you can watch huh? Wow. Pig.

You look like an ugly ***** I'm surprised he didn't leave.

Why would u kiss a girl when u have ur boyfriend? That's not too smart...

Yeah i'm with you 40. Watching your girlfriend with another woman... Jump in there and get some of that action. Maybe we should just shorten this to

my sarcasm alert didn't show up in my post.

Sorry people, my watching joke didn't come across. What the real point was if she was experimenting with her sexuality, I wouldn't be jealous enough let her try it, if she wanted to be with this girl, then we break up. I am not a clingy, forcing a woman to be with me no matter what dick head. I say this because I had a girlfriend who was curious and she did talk to me about it and I knew and trusted both girls and my girlfriend insisted I watch so that I knew they did nothing more than kiss for curiosities sake. It's my ******* opinion, and if you think I am a pig because I made a joke about watching my girlfriend be with another girl, reconsider, because I wasn't serious about that and do apologize for the non seriousness in that part of my post being so obscure. My fault, I am no pig,

This will probably get thumbed down, but call me old-fashioned: I'm not really so into the whole having a girlfriend who hooks up with other girls or really anyone else for that matter

I know a few guys who feel the same way, #69. Including my boyfriend who left one of his exes for it because she was constantly making out with other girls. Some of us just need total commitment in our relationships.

spekledworf 18

Just because it's with another girl doesn't mean its not cheating. Would you be okay with her asking to experiment with other men, as long as you watched? I believe you should be faithful to one person. If you want to experiment, do it while you're single. Otherwise, it's cheating.

People don't seem to get my point. It was a ******* joke. I wouldn't want to my girlfriend kissing another girl unless it was for her personally trying to find herself. It was an obscure absolutely awful joke, but I stated, it is still cheating in my first comment. I am not endorsing a girlfriend recreationally kissing other girls, and I know I am going to get thumbed down again, but some of you apparently illiterate ***** don't seem to get the god damn point I am making and it is ******* pissing me off.

FML tip, #81 - don't resort to insulting other commenters when you know you're losing. It doesn't make your argument more credible and it pisses people off.

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Epikouros 31

Hey, don't call someone a pig for making a boring, long-winded joke. That's not nice. We do have a sense of humor. Watch Babe if you don't believe me.

68: "I am not a clingy, forcing a woman to be with me no matter what dick head." So guys who aren't okay with their girlfriends 'experimenting' are? I understand your point about letting her experiment but some people do still see that as cheating. Those people aren't necessarily clingy.

84: why care so much what people on FML think of you?

Don't worry 84, I get what you're saying. I wouldn't do the same in my relationship but to each their own.

I agree with both of you. A relationship should be a huge commitment if both are serious. Not what it is nowadays.

_W00H00_ 6

If you're gf can't understand after you explain, your relationship probably wasn't the best.

Are you saying that if you were in a relationship and using your significant other's phone and received a nude photo of someone else you wouldn't be upset? Who knows, maybe OP has a history of cheating, maybe he has a history of lying etc. I wouldn't call getting mad about something like that a bad relationship

Um, punching your partner is abusive. That to me is a bad relationship. Yes, she can get mad, but she can't punch him. If it were the other way around and he hit her, would it be okay? And don't say any of that BS about women being unable to harm men, because she DID give him a black eye.

16 - Um, if OP does have a history of cheating and/or lying, and the girlfriend still had trust issues over that, then yeah, it isn't a good relationship. Trust is key. If OP truly is honest and trustworthy, then the girlfriend should (after being initially upset and a bit taken off guard) come around and believe him. And yeah, like 47 said, punching him was totally out of line! And another thing, if the number does not show up in his contact list, there's your proof right there!

While I agree with the top part, a smart cheater wouldn't keep the other person's number kept as a contact. (Not speaking from personal experience)

80skid 15

At least you have that picture to cheer you up :)

Perhaps.... But what if it was a pic of somebody hideous, like who has a mono brow, a hunchback, and warts? I wouldn't keep the pic!

I would have a really hard believing it was a mistake. The odds are NOT in your favor, my friend.

biglittlehead 12

It's such a common phrase I read the word "time" even though it wasn't there.

Yeah suuuuure! What's really between your legs 19? Just playing :P

The only resign you say that is because you have no one shut the **** up you fat ******* cow

Damn dude you get nudies without are one cool guy. Sucks for the bad timing though. You my friend are Bad Luck Brian.