By Burned - 05/06/2011 00:54 - United States

Today, I went to the beach with my friends to show off my engagement ring. I fell asleep in the sun and woke up extremely sunburnt to a text from my boyfriend confessing that he's been cheating on me. I gave him the ring back. Now I have its tan line on my finger. FML
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If only there was some way to get a fake tan ...oh wait...

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Fyl. You did the right thing giving the ring back and leaving him and all, sorry about the sunburn... and the horrible memory the tan line will bring.


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You could have sold it and got me money for the ring than how much that guy was worth. sorry OP.):

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YDI actually date a nice guy next time instead of some loser

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more** not me.haha

Susieee_Q 9

The tan will fade.... Don't worry about that. I'm sorry OP, but be happy that this came up before the marriage happened, & not after. At least you're not with him anymore.

Suncream? But yeah what a dick, you should have sold the ring to get back at you. It was yours anyway seeing as he gave it to you.

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@21 girls who go to the beach to "show off" their engagement ring, end up falling asleep and getting badly sunburnt dont usually end up dating anyone above their own level. she really shouldnt be surprised.

@50, I'm going to have to disagree. Most newly engaged women "show off" their engagement rings to their friends, whether it's a giant diamond or a plain silver band. It's part of the excitement of just getting engaged, not a reflection of her "level".

wouldn't have been right to sell the ring.

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oh i was under the impression she was going to the beach to show it off to anyone and everyone. this i would call egotism. but if shes just showing her friends then i agree that is typical female behaviour, something i dont personally condone, but not uncommon. my mistake.

58, but yea, her husband cheating on her is.

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yes it would have. op why give it back? he gave it to you, promising to marry you, and HE broke that promise by being a cheating lowlife. he probably proposed hoping you'd tweak out and dump him.

it's like the hangover! teddys in the elevator!!

10 - i thought you said it wouldnt happen again?

You had to go to the beach to show off the ring?

zuzupetalsYO 11

what are you worried about more, not getting married or a stupid tan line? lol you should hav sold the ring, he GAVE it to you.


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not exactly

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I dunno...

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c-c-combo breaker!

My hand is a dolphin!!!

first complete sentence .. kinda

No Sir, this is the first complete sentence in the comments on this comment.

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Fyl. You did the right thing giving the ring back and leaving him and all, sorry about the sunburn... and the horrible memory the tan line will bring.

She clearly should have sold the ring..

She'll get over it. Tan lines don't last forever.

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yeah but if she tries going dating everyone will think she's lying about single so it kinda does suck

diamonds r forever tan lines go away pretty fast... oh and ur fiance was coming clean in hopes ud be forgiving hell never make that mistake again (coming clean not the cheating)

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You do know in many states there is a law that requires you to give the engagement ring back?

If my fiancé cheated, I'd kill him. Then I don't have to give him the ring back. Joking of course, but seriously, I'm not giving the ring back if he's the one that cheated. Especially if he doesn't have the balls to tell me to my damn face.

If only there was some way to get a fake tan ...oh wait...

Lots of people NEVER take their engagement ring off, regardless of where they are...

Well ain't that a bitch.

atomicbaboon 0

are you more upset about the tanline or the fact that your boyfriend/fiancé was cheating on you?

She's upset because she'll have the tan line for a while and whenever she looks at it she'll be reminded of what happened. Duh.

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could have keep the ring.jk

Could have sold the ring at least :p

Or she could buy a different non-engagement ring to cover the tan line I suppose

women who cheat are scum

Anyone who cheats is scum.

People in general are scum

laurbear12 3

men and women who cheat are scum :)

scum is scum :)

All of you stfu

Mr. Sketch markers are your friend. They also smell incredible.

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It'll go away. At least you aren't pregnant with his baby. THAT would change things.

well at least he told you before you go married...

haha that must reallllyyy fucking suck... btw just spray tan over that shiet