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If you don't like the comment thumbs it down, its inevitable, people are going to post whatever they want, even unfortunately the same old comments, due to the fact, people once thumbed it up.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

Well there wouldn't be a need to complain if people didn't keep posting
"He's a keeper"
"She's a keeper"
"That's a keeper"
"There a keeper" (yes, wrong there/they're)

It's all people seem to post now.


So sad. Instead of everyone being a dickhead, why can't they just help him out and tell him. He wasn't being rude at all, it was just a question. Give him the answer, tell him the error of his ways, and move on.
Anyway, it's an old myth about the bacteria in a fart contaminating the pillow, reaching the eye, blah blah. Really disgusting.

  xBIG_Dx  |  0

Fecal particles don't cause pink's a myth made famous by a stupid ass movie, the name of which i'm not going to mention. According to any qualified doctor, pink eye is only caused by touching your mouth, nose, then your eye, or of course beng near someone with it.
And FYI for the dumbasses with no life that will reply to this and try to tell me i'm wrong, kiss my ass cuz i won't read it, but i'd be happy to beat your ass for you, just come find me.