By GasAttack - 07/09/2009 13:32 - Canada

Today, I was taking a shower. I heard my boyfriend come into the bathroom, brush his teeth and take off his clothes. He joined me in the shower and instead of doing something loving or sexy, he let out a huge fart into his hand and threw it into my face. FML
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turtlellama 0

LMAO. No that is HILARIOUS. Go along with it, I bet he's just playin with ya. LOl. ^_^

Lasagnaa 24

That sucks. My sister likes to throw her farts too and surprisingly, they work. She calls them, "Fart bombs"

Maybe he threw something else into her face that comes out of the ass...? the you THROW a fart?!

The gas is heavier than air. If you get some in your hand, you can kind of launch it at someone.

"launch" it at someone, haha. Great description =P

How can you not know that, fart tossing was probably the first weapon ever invented

mister_moops 0

i think she means he just shoved his hand up his own ass and slapped her.