By thedullard - United States
Today, at the gym, I see a person laying unconscious on the ground with people crowded around. Previously being a lifeguard, and knowing CPR, I ran over and asked a man what happened, preparing to check his vitals. I then realized that the body was a dummy and the employees were doing a drill. FML
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  corocoro  |  30

Because employees at gyms are trained to assist in all kinds of emergencies.
Chances are that in a real emergency asking to help would just end up with being in the way. Also, it could cause problems with the gym's insurance.
Last but not least, he assumed that everyone in the gym was an idiot, capable of only standing around uselessly, and that he'd have to save the day with his genius CPR skills.

  drummerp64  |  16

While I can see the bit about the insurance, I disagree on the point about thinking they were all idiots. In a situation like that, it's less "I'm the only person that can save them, I'll play hero here!" and more "if I assume they know what to do and ignore it, there's a chance a person could die." It's not that you assume that everyone else is an idiot, it's just that you recognise the realism that not everyone knows what to do in that situation, and that many/most people (yes, even ones who have been trained) wouldn't be able to help (which isn't necessarily their fault, a lot of it is experience, so since most people haven't been in an emergency situation, most people couldn't really be able to help), so it's better not to assume that the situation's well in hand when there's still a risk of something bad happening.

By  Hadley_fml  |  0

I've been here. It's slightly embarassing, but definately not FML worthy. A few friends and I were hanging out in a pool late one night, and one of them decided to see how long he could hold his breath at the bottom. While I was swimming, I noticed him down there laying motionless, and immediately grabbed him and pulled him up. When he surfaced, he was just like, "... what are you doing?", so I said "... Oh. I thought you were drowning. Nevermind!"

By  yeti09  |  0

Lol, that is quite funny. But that kind of reflex could save a life in the future. Keep doing what you're doing. Perhaps you were mocked there, but you just as easily could have been a hero.